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Saint Ange reports Creole Travel’s New Attraction

Saint Ange Tourism Report’s 7th edition is out! Saint Ange reports that Creole Travel based in the Seychelles has introduced a new addition to their fleet; they describe their latest attraction as a "cool vessel", named Zephir.


Activities and excursions can and will help increase the yield from tourism. Creole Travel offers with their new boat an opportunity to enjoy the underwater life without getting into the water.

Eric Renard of Creole Travel says, "Our knowledgeable team welcomes you on board to sail and witness the beautiful marine life of Seychelles through the widening viewing glass of Zephir. The adventure starts from respective jetties all the way to its designated marine parks where clients would get the wonderful opportunity of glimpsing and identifying different marine species such as lazy sea cucumbers, cute starfishes, shy sea turtles, beautiful baby sting rays, school of colourful fishes and many more. Of course, the fun does not stop there! On your way back, you will get to see the picture-perfect skyline beauty of Seychelles as you cruise through the grandiose vast water of the North coast embedding you with remarkable experiences".

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