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Anti-tourist protests continue in Spain

Last month a tourist bus was stopped by people in balaclavas outside the Nou Camp stadium and its tyres were slashed. And last weekend, more than 100 anti-tourist protesters and local residents have descended on a Barcelona beach used mostly by UK tourists to oppose mass tourism in the Spanish city.

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Demonstrators sported yellow T-shirts bearing the slogan "Barceloneta isn't for sale" in Catalan - while banners staked in the sand read: "We don't want tourist in our buildings! This is not a beach resort".

Anti-tourism protest marches have also been taking place around the city in reaction to local accommodation being used for AirBnB short term leases instead of as accommodation for locals.

Multiple groups in Barcelona have merged together in a campaign against tourism in the city, with numerous incidents of violence, vandalism and severe public disorder. A video emerged showing more bike tyres being slashed with a knife, slogans graffitied over walls and locks of tourism premises being superglued.

The slogans read "Tourists go home. Tourism kills the city. Go home you are not welcome!"