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Leisure activities on your trip

Las Vegas Airport slot machinesPeople all around the globe enjoys traveling, and it is always a pleasure visiting new and exciting places. Many of us know the feeling when you smell different scents from what you are used to the moment you step out of the airplane, and at the same time feel that tickling sensation in your stomach - it does feel good, doesn't it?

We travel to different places with different objectives and that is what makes traveling so fun! Gambling is, of course, big business in most parts of the world, but some countries, for instance Norway do not offer any landbased casinos to their citizens. Therefore a large number of Norwegians play in online casinos like InstaCasino. And as a result of this many Norwegians use some of their time on vacations and other travels to visit real landbased casinos so that they can experience the excitement and fun that these venues offer.

Visits like this are very rarely the sole purpose of their trips, but whenever you travel to a big European city you often have to the opportunity to drop by a landbased casino - and as I said: many of the Norwegians do!

The reason why they are doing these visits is quite simple: being in a real landbased casino is something completely different than playing online, and when you are entering a real casino you get an experience quite far from anything you have seen or done before.

First of all: if your planning on trying your luck at the tables you won't get in if your not wearing a suit/dress, and that alone adds quite a bit of exclusiveness to the whole experience. And second of all: the moment you set your foot inside the nicer part of the casino you'll be astonished by the level of luxury that meets you! Velvet draperies, perfectly dressed croupiers, chandeliers, bars and lots of other great stuff awaits, and it is really just for you to suck in the whole atmosphere, get your chips and start playing!

There are several amazing casinos all over Europe and if you for instance are traveling to cities like Vienna, Zürich, Madrid, London or Monaco, just to name a few, be sure to add a bit of excitement to your trip.

If your planning on a journey where you want to gamble like this we urge you to be careful with your money. You might get lucky and win some, but in the long run the casino always wins!

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