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New Arctic highway linking Canada Coast to Coast.

arctic circle tourThe new highway, which opened November 15 allow travellers a unique experience in driving to the Arctic Ocean and standing on the shores of the Beaufort Sea.

“It’s not very often a new, long highway is opened up anywhere in the world, and I think the interest in getting to the end of the road and getting to dip your toe in the Arctic Ocean will be high.”  - Robin Anderson, global marketing manager for the Yukon government, Globe and Mail

Canadian tour operator, AndersonVacations, in partnership with the Northwest Territories and Yukon provincial governments as well as  local Inuit businesses, will have two tours departing in April and June 2018. These tours have been specifically created to allow travellers seeking those‘Off the Beaten Path’ destinations, to experience both the landscape and the culture of the region in very different seasons and showcasing Canada’s northernmost provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Travellers will experience the frozen Arctic tundra, herd reindeer, meet the Inuit communities of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Coast and,  in Inuvik, participate in the opening ceremony of Inuvik’s Spring Muskrat Jamboree festival. In addition participants will drive on an ice road to Aklavik.

Kylik Kisoun Taylor’s (Tundra North Tours) feature on Youtube

The June tour will traverse the iconic Dempster Highway, stop at the Arctic Circle  Monument, visit a traditional Inuit whaling base in the Mackenzie River delta and spend time with Inuit families. Both tours include seeing the geological wonders of pingos and are accompanied by an expert local guide in addition to experienced Anderson Vacations tour leader.

To view more information about this tour, visit the Anderson Vacations website

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