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Peach to invest in Japan's FREEPLUS Inc.

peach aviationPeach Aviation Limited has injected approximately 600 million yen into FREEPLUS Inc., which conducts business, chiefly in the area of land operations for foreign visitors to Japan, and aggressively initiates new services on the Internet.

Peach’s mission is to contribute to the 40 million foreign tourists / 60 million foreign tourists (targeted by) the Japanese government and as one of its tools to realize that mission, it is planning to open COTABI, a platform for a new C-2-C type of travel booking website this spring. FREEPLUS will take on a partner role for system development and operation for COTABI. Furthermore, for business initiatives other than COTABI as well, the characteristics of each will be leveraged as they collaborate in a broad range of areas in aiming to create new value.

Since 2017, Peach’s theme has been “to move on from competition over prices to the creation of value”, and COTABI is one of its initiatives to give shape to its creation of value. Methods of transportation, lodging facilities, activities, and sightseeing areas visited by individuals may be registered on COTABI and shared among users. Development is underway so users who visit the website will be able to search and view travel based on their own values and partialities and make reservations. People will be able to search through such travel plans shared on COTABI according to categories such as age, interests, and lifestyles and it will become possible for users to choose travel based on their sense of value and proceed to make bookings.

Peach President and CEO offered the following comment regarding the company’s investment on this occasion: “Based on its concept to serve as a “flying train”, Peach has made many challenges for innovative initiatives that go beyond the framework of airlines. I expect that COTABI, a C-2-C type of travel platform, which will be its next challenge, will bring on a new type of innovation to conventional styles of travel. In collaboration with FREEPLUS, a company that also originates in Osaka, we will invigorate travel in Japan with innovation coming out of Kansai.”

FREEPLUS President and CEO Kentaro Suda provided the following comment:
“In its aim to establish a country founded on tourism in Japan, FREEPLUS engages in travel operations for visitors to Japan and vertical ingetration within sightseeing during Japan visits and makes challenges in various initiatives. I feel that through the injection of capital by Peach on this occasion we will be able to realize business that would not have been possible for FREEPLUS to accomplish alone. We will produce synergistic effects together with Peach in a continuous manner and contribute in the promotion of Japan’s country founded on tourism.”