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Campervan booking site launches local site offering all types of vehicles across the UK & Europe

Calling all those equipped with a driver’s license and a sense of adventure - Camptoo, a sharing economy platform that connects the owners and renters of campervans, motorhomes and touring caravans has launched in the UK, making it more affordable than ever to hit the road on holiday.  

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Camptoo was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 by Martijn Peeters, borne out of his frustration at the difficulty of renting a campervan for a weekend away while so many vans stood idle on driveways. A win-win for both owner and renter, the service offers a revenue stream for owners when not using their own vehicle, while offering renters a more diverse range of vehicle types and collection points.

Offering a form of camping for people who hate camping, Camptoo gives British travellers a choice of almost 1,500 vehicles spread across Europe, or from more than 200 across Australia if they are headed Down Under for an extended road trip. The vehicles Camptoo offers range in size, style, age and facilities, catering to all travellers. Whether young adventurers headed for festivals or active pursuits like surfing and hiking, families wanting the freedom to create their own itinerary as they travel with the kids, or the more discerning traveler looking for luxury on four-wheels, Camptoo offers a solution.

Martijn Peeters, CEO of Camptoo said of its UK launch: “Travelling by campervan or motorhome is a truly unique experience. Since you are not tied down by conventional transport schedules, you have the opportunity to go with the flow on your travels and encounter sights you would only ever see on the road.

We created Camptoo to bring that sense of freedom to travellers, getting people doing what they love from the moment they wake up without the restrictions that come with traditional hire companies.

Driving around the UK or to the continent has always been a popular style of holiday for Brits so we’re excited to make campervan travel accessible to the masses by bringing the cost of usage down.”

How it works

For travellers:

  1. Using the online portal find your perfect vehicle by applying filters such as pick-up location, product type and the number of berths
  2. Review adverts and request a reservation
  3. Once the owner has approved your hire, make a down payment of 50% of the total price
  4. A few days before you go pay a deposit, which will be refunded on the day of your return
  5. Meet the owner, pick up your caravan or motorhome for the segment of your trip you wish and set off on your adventure!

For owners:

  1. Check you have suitable insurance cover
  2. Sign up easily on the Camptoo website
  3. Create your own advert by setting the pricing, availability, specific house rules and uploading a photo of the vehicle
  4. Wait for the rental requests to roll in!

The company currently operates across Europe and Australia. In just three years since it launched, users have booked almost 100,000 nights in mobile vehicles via the site.

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