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Out Adventures and Spiritual Adrenaline partner to offer adventure tours

Out Adventures and Spiritual Adrenaline have formed a strategic partnership offering group adventures for travelers in recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

machu pichu peru mountain view

To address the needs of this underrepresented community, New York-based Spiritual Adrenaline chose Out Adventures because of the company’s reputation for offering well-curated itineraries that are naturally exhilarating.

“I ran into a number of people at the gym living healthy lifestyles while in sobriety. It struck me that often times, the social environment around 12-step meetings was very unhealthy and actually made it harder to stay sober. As I came learn how important a healthy lifestyle is for those in recovery, I began to put all these pieces together: 12-step meetings, exercise and nutrition,” says Tom Shanahan, a practising lawyer and the founder of Spiritual Adrenaline.

“After hearing Tom’s inspirational story, I was immediately onboard,” comments Robert Sharp, founder of Out Adventures. “I’ve personally witnessed how an active adventure can elevate a traveller’s soul by rising to – and conquering – a challenge. Pairing this type of experience with Tom’s vast understanding of the 12-steps, exercise, and nutrition, allows us to offer a transformative experience for those in recovery.”

Out Adventures is the official operator of two Spiritual Adrenaline bucket list tours: Machu Picchu, Peru, and Banff National Park, Canada. Both trips focus on adventure, sobriety, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and components of the 12-Step Program. All hotels are high-end, with healthy meals that are consistent with Spiritual Adrenaline’s vision. Spiritual Adrenaline will also offer an Azores tour with a local Portuguese operator.