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Ctrip signs MOU with Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand tourismmapCtrip, Asia's leading online travel agency, renewed its annual strategic cooperation agreement with Tourism New Zealand. According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on New Zealand customized travel product development, especially for independent travelers.

Areas of cooperation range from creating in-depth experiences to marketing and brand awareness and more. Through this agreement, Ctrip looks to further deepen its presence in the New Zealand market to provide one-stop integrated marketing solutions for Chinese travelers.

Leveraging Ctrip’s big data capabilities and one-stop platform with diverse product range and resources, the two sides were able to work together to create an immersive destination experience for consumers. In addition, Tourism New Zealand collaborated with Chef Nic, a popular Chinese cuisine TV show, to integrate both cuisine and travel experiences for visitors. Ctrip also introduced a Chef Nic product line and itinerary in preparation for next year’s "China-New Zealand Tourism Year."

Ctrip’s Destination Marketing has cooperated with over 300 global destinations. Ctrip’s vast user base and big data resources offer insight into user behavior, which helps to integrate personalized product design into our one-stop travel platform. Meanwhile, New Zealand is rich in travel resources and enjoys a good reputation among Chinese tourists. Ctrip and Tourism New Zealand have worked together to build tourism products and services with both local and international characteristics. Both are constantly adapting to the needs of middle and high-end tourists and are optimizing the travel product and service range. Through Ctrip’s Virtual Tour Manager (VTM), timely information, emergency responses, reservations and bookings along with other services relating to New Zealand are made conveniently available for our users. In terms of branding, New Zealand is becoming more and more of a choice for Chinese travellers thanks to continuous exposures. In addition, New Zealand has a flagship store on Ctrip’s online platform.

"Ctrip provides a one-stop integrated marketing solution for New Zealand," said Jenna Qian, CEO of Ctrip Destination Marketing. "Leveraging opportunities New Zealand provides as a destination for fully independent travellers, we aim to offer more high quality tourism products for our Chinese users and bring more of them to New Zealand."