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Top tips for heading off on an adventure holiday

If you’re planning an adventure holiday, you’re in for a real treat.


Whether you’re going to bungee jump over the New Zealand countryside, planning to go hiking in Nepal or exploring anything in between, you’ll need to get your plans sorted well in advance. From the protective gear you might need to the relevant insurance you’ll have to take out, there’s a lot to think about.

The right gear

When heading off on an activity holiday to somewhere far away, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you’ve got all the equipment you need to have a great – and safe – time once you arrive. In most cases, the specialist equipment required will be available for hire at your destination. This is definitely the case for activities such as surfing and bungee jumping, although if you’re concerned, you can always call ahead and double check.

For some activities, it’s likely that you’ll need some additional protective clothing in order to safeguard yourself, and this is especially true for hikers. By choosing a pair of compression socks from a trusted brand, you can ensure that your feet don’t let you down midway through the hike. Although they’re quite bulky and will take up some space in your luggage, investing in some proper walking shoes that fit you well is necessary. Climate-appropriate clothing is also important, and even if you’re hiking in a warm area, it’s important to have protection against the cold for when you camp at night because your body temperature is always lower when you sleep.


It may seem like a boring task, but there’s nothing more important than making sure you have appropriate travel insurance in place before you go off on any sort of adventure holiday. Calling your travel insurance provider before you leave in order to check which activities are covered and which ones aren’t is essential – if there’s no coverage for your planned activities, you’ll need to organize an extension.

Getting in shape

Activity holidays are great fun, but they do also require you to be in good health. For most people, participating in an activity or two while on holiday isn’t going to be a problem – if you’re just planning to do one or two local tourist activities, it’s likely that the activity organizers will simply stipulate general good health. This applies to short hikes, for example, as well as some types of organized diving activity in coastal locations.

However, if you’re planning a more intensive activity, such as a long-haul hike, it’s definitely advisable to make sure you’re in good shape before you get started. Research is key here: you should always take a look on the internet first to check whether your proposed activity has any restrictions or conditions, otherwise, you may end up disappointed when you arrive. If you have any medical conditions that aren’t flagged, such as asthma or a heart condition, it may be worth speaking to the organizers just to check if there’s any need for a doctor’s note or any extra equipment.

Recording the experience

Once you have all of the practical aspects of your upcoming adventure holiday sorted, it’s time to start thinking about the fun stuff! When it comes to recording the activity for posterity, for example, you’ll need to plan ahead of time. After all, that amazing Instagram shot isn’t going to take itself! Investing in a good camera is, of course, vital if you’re planning to hike somewhere with beautiful views, and you should make sure you pack spare memory cards and batteries just in case.

Remember to consider the climate you’re going to be in – a durable bag or even an umbrella to cover your camera may be a wise move. If you’re planning to do something a little more exhilarating on your holiday, though, you should consider going for a more durable camera, such as a GoPro. Buying an item that you can mount to your headgear is a smart move for those who are planning activities such as bungee jumping.

Before heading off on your next big adventure holiday, it’s wise to think carefully about your preparations. From making sure that you have the protective gear you need to ensure that you’ve got some way of recording all the fun you’re going to have, it pays off to get your plans sorted before you leave so that you can make the most of the trip once you’re there.

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