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Top 7 Unusual Casino Locations

Casino Palais Savarin

Should we speak of dandy casino sites, it is cities like Monaco, Las Vegas, and Macau that come to mind first. Without a doubt, casinos in these cities can provide an exciting gaming experience, but even this is not enough to attract a particular gambling tribe – the tribe of thrill-seeking gamblers.

Thrill-seeking players are those gamblers who would prefer gaming at an untraditional establishment, rather than a lavish casino. In the following lines, we will describe some of the most unusual casino locations on the planet, perfect for extravagant casino players.

Casino Jet Lounge



1. Casino Jet Lounge

Airjet Designs and Designescence have created the world’s most unique passenger jet – the Casino Jet Lounge. The unique thing about this aircraft is that it is a fully functioning casino. Travelling in the Casino Jet Lounge, you will have the opportunity to wager, while being surrounded by clouds.

The aircraft is suited with a bar, a number of table games, as well as enough space for passengers to walk around. In essence, this is a truly unique gaming establishment and we recommend it to every adventurous gambler.

Resorts World Genting casino

2. Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia

Hardly is there a casino gambler who has not heard the Genting brand name, or their Resorts World. Owning a number of land-based and online casinos, Genting company is one of the most renown casino operators.

Getting to the Malaysian Resorts World Genting is not so easy, as the resort is situated in the Pahang mountains. One you get there, however, you will immediately understand why this particular location has been chosen.

Constructed 6,000 metres above water level, this resort is surrounded by a rainforest, old more than 150 million years. In addition, the site is located more than 40 minutes from the nearest city.

North Cadbury Court basement casino

3. North Cadbury Court, Yeovil, Somerset, UK

Tucked away in the nice quiet village of Yeovil, the North Cadbury Court is one of England’s most extravagant gambling establishments.

Located in what was originally a medieval hall back in the 1300s, North Cadbury Court is comprised of 21 bedrooms and a dining hall seating mote than 90 people. What is more, the establishment underwent a renovation recently. As a result, the wine caves in the basement of the venue were turned into a high-class underground casino. On top of all, the North Cadbury Court also has a ballroom, which can seat more as many as 150 people.

The gaming establishment has distinctive low ceilings and can hold more than 25 players. The casino has a roulette wheel, a separate poker room, and a blackjack table.

Desert Cave Hotel

4. Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

For the ultimate remote gambling, head to Australia. Located off the beaten track in Coober Pedy, the Desert Cave Hotel offers an incredibly weird gambling experience. Believe it or not, the casino space of this establishment was carved out of the rocky desert. In the Desert Cave Hotel, players can find more than 15 poker machines and a number of other casino games.

The Desert Cave Hotel is the only casino in the nearby area – the establishment is located more than 800 kilometers away from Adelaide.


5. Sun City Resort, South Africa

According to Sun City Resort is a luxurious casino resort and is Located in South Africa’s North West Province. Whereas there is nothing unusual about the casino itself, its location makes it a truly extravagant place – while staying here, you have the chance to observe some of Africa’s animals.

What is so unique about the location of the Sun City Resort is that it offers players to not only gamble, but also participate in a real safari adventure – the resort is located close to Africa’s most famous animal reserves. 

Casino Palais Savarin

6. Casino Palais Savarin, Prague

Located in an 18-century Baroque building, Casino Palais Savarin has been operating for more than 100 years. This is a relatively small gambling establishment, holding only 8 slot games and about 12 table games. Still, it is located in one of Prague’s most astonishing buildings, which is what makes it an extravagant casino location.

To reach Casino Palais Savarin, you have to climb an enormous staircase with spectacular overhead frescoes.

Rivers Casino

7. Rivers Casino, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA

What makes this casino one of the world’s most extravagant gambling locations is that it is located on a puddle. According to Illinois state laws, every gambling establishment within the state must operate on water. That is why most casinos are usually riverboat casinos, but not Rivers Casino. Rivers casino is built on a small area of water, which makes it an establishment operating on water.

The Rivers Casino is located close to the downtown Chicago area and not far from he O’Hare International Airport. It boasts more than 1,000 slot machines and over 50 table games. In conclusion, the casino has been functioning since 2011.

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