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Getting Your Car Road-Trip Ready

Roadtrip Snow Jeep

Do you have a new vehicle and planning for a fabulous road trip to one of the top winter destinations in the world?

Getting your vehicle ready for a memorable trip ahead requires you to perform some preventive maintenance and pre-trip checkups. It is essential to make sure all systems in your vehicle function properly. Here is a list of checkups you need to perform in order to get your car road-trip ready.

A Clean & Stocked Car

So, you got some cool accessories for your vehicle like covers, hardware kit, and Jeep tops, what is next?  You are ready to pack but don’t do that until you are done with the purging. Grab a cloth & washer and have your vehicle cleaned grime-free. Cleanse away the dust from the exterior. Wash the tires and the windshield. Polish your car for a speck free look. Throw in an emergency kit with extra cables, tools, fluids, batteries, torchlight and some towels. Do not forget to take a GPS, any sensor application for the car and related tech gadgets along.

Fluid and Oil Levels

Make sure you check the fluid and oil levels in your vehicle including windshield-washer fluid, engine oil, brake oil, coolant, transmission oil, and steering oil. If they require a refill, use a quality brand and do not stretch the schedule; it might affect your car's performance. I also suggest you visit your mechanic to double-check these levels. It is especially important if you planning to take a long road trip.

Hoses & Belts

Most of us overlook these when performing car maintenance. These are essential for your car's upkeep. Near the clamp, hoses usually tend to be weakest due to wear & tear. Squeeze them to check tautness and identify any soft spots. If the hose is tight yet bends easy, it is good to go. At times, parallel cracks may develop around bends due to heat damage reflected by a gritty glassy surface. In case you spot this, have it replaced immediately. Belts also require inspection because they get affected by oil, heat, abrasive elements and ozone resulting in cracks and fraying. Learn how to check for hoses & belts online or have a mechanic inspect them for you.

Check Tires & Brakes

Check tires for pressure and any worn out spots as well as the brake pads. The tires must maintain pressure recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can find this in the owner’s manual and on the front doorjamb. If your road trip journey is very long, I suggest using durable all weather tires to stay safe on the road. Never start your journey with worn out tires; they can burst any time.   

Air Filter & Headlights

If you are planning to drive in the night, make sure the headlights and taillights are working properly giving standard illumination and brightness. Moreover, check the air filter holding it up in a strong light. A clean filter should let you see the light through. If you cannot, it means your air filter is dirty and requires replacement.