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Europe’s Top 10 Greenest Capitals

Vienna park in autumn

A new study has ranked 25 of Europe’s capitals on 10 green factors to reveal the continent’s most eco-friendly capital cities.

From low levels of air pollution to vast green spaces, which capital cities are leading the way when it comes to their eco-friendliness? Below you will find highlights from the new study from comparethemarket.

Europe’s Top 10 Greenest Capitals

  1. Vienna, Austria 
  2. Bern, Switzerland 
  3. Helsinki, Finland 
  4. Stockholm, Sweden 
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  7. Oslo, Norway 
  8. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 
  9. Berlin, Germany 
  1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

London, UK came in at 13, ranking badly for congestion and water quality, but ranking highly for its cycling lanes (km) and the % of people who take public transport. 

The Best City For Each Green Factor:

  • Low air pollution: Dublin, Ireland 
  • Water quality: Vienna, Austria 
  • CO2 emissions: Vienna, Austria 
  • Public transport: Berlin, Germany 
  • Congestion: Ljubljana, Slovenia 
  • Cycle paths: Vienna, Austria 
  • Green spaces: Ljubljana, Slovenia 
  • Quality of life: Bern, Switzerland 

To view the research in full, click here.