5 Unusual Things To Do When In Paris

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

In 2017, the city of Paris welcomed around 23 million international tourists. It is known as one of the most visited cities in the world. Dubbed as the City of Lights, being one of the first cities to have electricity, Paris has a lot to offer to its tourist from its delicious food, beautiful architecture, captivating arts, and interesting history.

Paris is known for its picturesque cityscape and remarkable landmarks. One globally known tourist spot is the Eiffel Tower. This wrought-iron lattice tower located along Champ De Mars is the very representation of the nation’s culture and heritage. It is the symbol of the country for the last decades. Other tourist spots are Louvre Museum, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe and Jardin De Luxembourg. But more than these arts and architectural marvels, Paris has a lot to offer.

If you want to have a unique Parisian experience, here are some unusual things to do when in the romantic city of Paris.

Parisian Picnic

Parisians are known for enjoying little good things in life, and one of which is having a picnic. A Parisian picnic is considered as an art form for the locals. Whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, a Parisian picnic is something you would surely enjoy.

The first thing to do is pick out a good spot. You can do it outdoor, preferably a public park or maybe along the Seine river. Then don’t forget to bring along your Baguette, to make things more French authentic. Complete your food basket with some wine, cheese, strawberries, and other refreshments. Don’t forget your book. Having the birds singing, people passing by, and water flow as your background music while reading is like heaven.

paris eiffel people picnic

A Museum For Everyone

Louvre Museum is home to some of the most amazing artwork ever made in the history of humanity. It is the home of Mona Lisa, The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, Dying Slave, and much more notable artwork. It is a museum not to miss, but Paris is teeming with offbeat and quirky museums many are free and some are low cost. I highly suggest visiting the Paris Sewer Museum for some underground adventure, Le Musee des vampires for some dark gothic vampire-themed museum and the Catacombs of Paris, an underground ossuary that contains more than six million human remains.

eiffel tower Seine river

Fish the Seine

Fishing is probably not the first thing to think when in Paris, with Seine river being known as polluted. Fishing was once popular in this river as seen in some painting from the likes of Vincent Van Gogh and Georges Seurat - but it is making a comeback.

In 2009, the popularity of fishing has steadily increased as fishing permit holders increase to 6,500 in the city alone. Tourist are welcome to join as the city authorities have created an online map showing fishing spots along the Seine and Canal Saint Martin so don’t forget your reliable fishing gear.

Balloon Ride

There might not be much for an adrenaline junkie to do in the city of Paris except for some balloon riding. Available in Adre-Citroen Park, riding a hot air balloon is the best way to admire the beauty of this magnificent city. This magical flight experience will let your ride some of the world’s biggest air-balloon.

Boat Ride

Seine river is the most popular body of water in the city of Paris. Among the activity available to do in this river is boat tour or ride.  You will want to explore the Marne River also. This river system is equally beautiful as the Seine but feels more private and more romantic. With its beauty, the river has also been immortalized in many painting.