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Ghosts of Gettysburg Voted No. 1 Ghost Tour

For the third straight year, Ghosts of Gettysburg has been voted the Best Ghost Tour in the Country by the readers of Haunted America Tours.

Ghosts of Gettysburg is owned and operated by well-known ghost investigator Mark Nesbitt, who has also been named the No. 1 Paranormal Investigator for 2008-2009.


In addition, Nesbitt was ranked third among America’s Favorite Haunted Authors.


Haunted America Tours averages more than 2 million hits per month. The rankings are determined through votes by visitors to its website. Gettysburg topped a list of renowned ghost tours from around the country.


Haunted America Tours said, “Nesbitt tries to gather factual data on the stories he receives so he can offer a background as to why these ghost stories may have evolved. His stories are factual and interesting.”


The following is a list of how the visitors to voted for their favorite ghost tour:


1- Ghosts of Gettysburg

2- Ghost Tours of Galveston Island (Texas)

3- Spellbound Tours (Salem, Mass.)

4- Haunted Haight Walking Tour (San Francisco)

5- Appalachian Ghost Walk (Tennessee)

6- Haunts of Owensboro (Kentucky)

7- Ursula Bielski’s Chicago Ghost Tours

8- Haunted Heartland Tours (Ohio)

9- Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours (West Virginia)

10- Ghost Tours of St. Augustine (Florida)


ghosts-gettysburg.jpg“I’m honored to be named the No. 1 Paranormal Investigator of the year,” said Nesbitt. “The fact that I’ve collected most of my stories from, and do most of my investigations in and around Gettysburg says something about the area as well. But I think I’m most proud of the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours being voted No. 1 Ghost Tour in the entire country for the third year in a row. That speaks to the stories spawned in the Gettysburg area and the talented local individuals who serve as our guides. Gettysburg is truly a special place with special people.”


Mark Nesbitt is a former National Park Service Ranger/Historian. He started his own research and writing company in 1977 and a year later he began writing books, including “If the South Won Gettysburg.” Nesbitt took his first tour through the dark streets of Gettysburg and to the sites on the old Pennsylvania College campus in 1994.


Nesbitt conducted his first ghost walk in Gettysburg in 1994. He took his first tour through the dark streets of Gettysburg and to sites on the old Pennsylvania College campus. In addition to a series of Ghosts of Gettysburg books, his stories have appeared on The History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, Coast to Coast AM and numerous local television programs and specials. Nesbitt and the Ghosts of Gettysburg Investigative Team were also featured in the Travel Channel’s “Mysterious Journeys: The Ghosts of Gettysburg” broadcast.


In July of 2004, his Ghosts of Gettysburg Series received the National Paranormal Award for “Best True Hauntings Collection” and “Best ‘Local Haunt’ Guidebook.”


In addition to the Ghost Tour rankings, the Gettysburg National Military Park was named the Most Haunted Battlefield in America and the Borough of Gettysburg was named the third Most Haunted City in America and the 10th Most Haunted, Scariest Places in the World.


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