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Changyou Travel Alliance appoints OMT Group for its Travel products and Services

Changyou Travel Alliance partners OMT Group

CYTT-Changyou Travel Alliance announced the appointment of OMT Group as the main supplier of Travel products and Services for its blockchain platform, delivering the travel incentive component of CYTT’s business model.

The collaboration reaffirms the market confidence of the quality, depth, breadth and expertise of the OMT Group in offering CYTT members the quality travel experiences they demand.

Mr James Yeow, CEO of OMT Group said, “I am confident that this alliance with CYTT will take advantage of what blockchain offers, in building this eco-system help to deliver better products and services to a much wider audience”.

“We look forward to sharing more success stories as we build on our partnership with CYTT, OMT Group together with CYTT are delighted to be able to take the opportunity of the presence at IT&CMA to cement their alliance, giving the right platform to bring more people together as to achieve the outreach this alliance deserves”.

Sally Wu of IXX.COM said, “The cooperation between OMT and CYTT is another new breakthrough in the application field of IXX.COM. We firmly believe that this cooperation will achieve great success in many win-win situations”.

OMT (OMT Group of Companies) is a partnership of leading travel operators around the world. Together with their partners, achieved a proven track record of delivering conference, incentive, and holiday solutions to corporate and association’s clients across various industries.

CYTT (Changyou Travel Alliance) is a data-sharing platform that employs blockchain technology to engage multiple market verticals by integrating it into their system. The aim is to create an eco-system of services and rewards, delivery lifestyle experiences for its members.