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Student’s guide on the top places to visit in spring

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It’s been a while since Frank Sinatra sang about how he loved Paris in the springtime (and in any other season). The moment of green revival is fast approaching almost everywhere, and we bet it is not only Paris that inspires people to live, love, and create beautiful things.

If you’ve had enough of winter blues, it may be a good idea to take a couple of days off and travel to some place where the sun shines bright and spring is already in bloom. In this guide, we’ve selected a couple of magnificent (and also affordable) destinations that will remind you how wonderful life is.

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Puerto Rico

What can be better than a few sunny days when the hot season is still ahead? If you want to get some tan before summer steps in, think of flying to Puerto Rico. The island is only two hours away from Miami, which once made it a perfect weekend destination for Americans. Beach parties, hot salsa, Latin specialties, and the salty breeze will lift your spirits more than any weekend spent in your local bar.

March is a perfect time to visit Puerto Rico. The beach is not so crowded as during the winter months, but the sun is still blazing and the sea is so tempting… Getting back to your hotel room, you can always enjoy the nice old streets of San Juan with a glass of Pina Colada.



US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands

If you are seeking a fast escape from cold March drizzles, think of the hot Caribbeans that can give you summer vibes almost anytime. The US Virgin Islands attracts tourists all winter long, and the season is over once spring steps in. After most tourists are gone, there are plenty of attractions, including the Virgin Islands’ national park, mountain of St. Thomas, coral world ocean park, and St. Croix rum distilleries to name a few.

Once the peak of the season is over, you can find affordable hotels and accommodations on the Virgin Islands. It takes only a short flight from the continental US, but the holiday in the Caribbeans feels exactly like a summer vacation.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Remember Patti Page and her charming song promising you to “fall in love with old Cape Cod?” The world’s most romantic place to stay is really as warm and pleasant as you can imagine. Before tourists invade the cape around Memorial Day, you have a great opportunity to enjoy white beaches and sand dunes. Legendary seafood and homemade ice cream will lift your spirits better than anything else this spring. There are plenty of water sports and kid-friendly activities. Consider Cape Cod as a good place for family rest or a fine destination to have fun with your old friends.

holland michigan

Holland, Michigan

If you think the Netherlands is the only right place to enjoy vast lawns of tulips in spring, you are mistaken. The city of Holland in Michigan has preserved a greater part of its Dutch heritage. Millions of tulips bloom all over the city in spring, and late March to early April is the perfect time to visit domestic Holland. Each May, the city hosts its own flower festival with Dutch celebrations and delicious food. If you are desperately waiting for birds to sing and for the magic to hang in the air, the city of Holland is the right destination for you.

macon georgia

Macon, Georgia

Speaking of flowers, March is the perfect time to visit the city of Macon. The number one destination for cherry blossoms in the world turned out to be not in Japan but in the heart of Georgia. This place has over 350,000 cherry trees that all start blooming in spring. The traditional cherry blossom festival takes place in late March, which is the perfect reason to visit Macon around that time.

Artists say that life looks better in spring, and that is only natural. Spring is the time to get inspiration and energy for the entire year, even if you are still a student. Do not wait for warm weather and good vibes to come if you can have them right now. Get a day off and delegate your essays to a research paper service. Get friends or family travelling with you to one of these dream places. Remember that happy days can come much faster than you expect.


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