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Relaxation of COVID Measures in Seychelles


Seychelles continues to remain a safe and travel-worthy destination and now it becomes more attractive as its health authority announced relaxation of COVID-19 restriction measures this week.


Some Seychellois citizens are happy to be able to get out and exercise more. Others are happy that more tourists are arriving in the island nation, according to Seychelles News Agency.

This week cinemas, casinos, and standalone bars that were closed due to COVID-19 were able to open. Family gatherings are again permitted, though caution around vulnerable members of Seychellois society is still being urged.

Public gatherings such as AGM meetings, graduation ceremonies, receptions for weddings, and meetings among others can take place as long as they abide by the SOPs of the venue.



A full-time wedding decorator and planner, Janina Edmond, said that it has been very hard to keep her business up and running.

"I am very happy that the authorities have taken our business into consideration. With the reopening of the airport, I can start getting foreign clients again to come and say I do in Seychelles. As a wedding planner, I only have to incorporate the SOPs in my arrangements," said Edmond.

With regards to grocery stores that have been allowed to remain open until 8 pm, Valitino Mein of Belonie close to the capital Victoria said that this would largely work for the benefit of those finishing work a bit late.

However, Mein added that "the restrictions on night movements remain in place between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. do not make sense and restriction on movement should be removed completely."

Family picnics on the beach will now be permitted for up to 10 adults, however, beach parties are prohibited while regular religious services such as mass and gatherings are being permitted based on the health department SOPs.


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