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Try Goa as an Alternative to Vegas for Casino Lovers

Palolem Beach - Goa

There are many people around the world who love casino gaming, and some of those choose to spend their holiday in a destination where they can play their favourite casino games.

This is all done for the experience, many casinos are grand buildings, and being able to visit and play inside of them is a real thrill for players.

It doesn’t matter if you usually play using casino sites online, you will still appreciate worldwide casino gaming and enjoy where you visit. For most people who think of heading off somewhere to play casino games, Las Vegas is the first place they think of. Vegas is known as being a fantastic casino destination, and the local area has survived solely off that for many years, generating income and creating many jobs.



However, Vegas is also very crowded and many people often search out an alternative, somewhere that can still offer excellent casino gaming, but somewhere that is a little quieter. This is how many new destinations have been discovered by casino gamers, and one of those is Goa, in India.

If you are wanting casino gaming, Goa can offer that. If you want a luxury holiday, it can offer that too, and the combination, as well as the quieter nature of Goa, is why many people give it a try each year.



Casino Gaming in Goa

There are two types of casino you can play in Goa. First up you have traditional land casinos, while there are also boats anchored in the harbour that have been turned into casinos and these can also be played on.

The reason for this is due to the Indian gambling laws that are in place, which is the reason for these floating casinos being created. These offer live gaming tables for players to enjoy and are a complete entertainment hub with restaurants and bars available, so if you want a night out somewhere special and want to go to one place, these boats may be the best option.

They also give people the impression that they are going off into a completely different world and can forget about life for the time they are on the boat.

Will Goa Ever be as Popular as Vegas?

The most likely answer to this is of course no. If you look at the way in which Las Vegas has built itself up, this has been focused solely on casino gaming and gambling. Goa is different to this, the attractions in Goa are far more varied, this is a place where you can go on holiday without going to the casinos if you wish.

That doesn’t take away anything from Goa as a casino destination, it is certainly a place to consider if you want to go and play casino games somewhere that is a little quieter than Vegas and other places. However, in terms of being as popular, no Goa won’t be, and probably doesn’t want to be.


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