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Games That Will Make You Think Twice About Space Travel

astronaut space travel

Space travel is something that people have been fascinated with for some time. It’s thanks to the rise of technology that people can visit different planets today.

Space agencies are testing the sustainability of human life on them as you’re reading this. Richard Branson is one of the few that managed to travel to space and make changes to commercial space travel. Jeff Bezos followed shortly after him.

Space travel is an area explored in video games and there are certain factors to consider when doing so. The existence of aliens and their willingness to cooperate are 2 of them and they would be real issues to deal with. Some games illustrate that going to space isn’t such a good idea, and here are some of them:



Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

This is a game that shows us that people and aliens can coexist, but not all alien species are friendly. Some of them might be on your tail if you look at them the wrong way or cross them. If you as a player visit various cantinas in this world you’ll find the sleazy aliens that make like difficult. Beat them in Pazaak and they’ll make your life difficult too.

Pazaak is a card game that’s based on a popular card game called blackjack. The latter is a favorite of many casino fans all over the world. Besides blackjack, they can enjoy poker, roulette, slots and other kinds of games or they can spend their time looking for fast payout online casino options. The main thing to remember about visiting such sites and enjoying their games is to do so responsibly.



Dead Space

This is one of the games that takes things to the extreme. But these things are possible as people wouldn’t have an idea as to just how hostile aliens can be. Especially if you mess with their culture. In this one, you’ll encounter the Necromorphs as Isaac Clarke. You’ll be sent to investigate a mining facility to discover it’s been overrun by these creatures.

There’s no way to communicate with them and you either eliminate them or they eliminate you. But the reason they’re there is that the artifact knows as the Marker has been stolen from them. So, we could be the reason for an alien invasion if we don’t treat other species properly.


The concept of space travel is a broad one and needs to be carefully planned. The proper funding needs to be available so you can have proper spaceships that will be fitted with weapons in case people need to defend themselves. The people will need to be able to inspect and gather resources to keep the ships going and to bring them back home.

Stellaris is a game that deals with all the details of space travel. You’ll get to deal with all the problems that come with it as you guide your ships to the next planet. Aliens are part of the world here and some of them will be friendly, while others won’t. This game shows just how much thinking needs to be put in before you take your first steps into space. We’ll need to handle out part of the equation and be creative enough to deal with other species.


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