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Great Cities to Visit in the UK

Edinburgh Castle

When it comes to countries that have huge tourist industries, the UK is right up there, with statistics recorded over at World Population Review, reporting that it was the tenth most visited country this year, with just over 39 million eager tourists exploring its green shores.

Interestingly though, the UK isn’t actually a single country, but is made up of four; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All of them have their own unique histories, language and culture, in addition to also having much intertwining throughout the years.

They also all have amazing cities that are completely compelling to spend some time in, either on a short city-break or even for a longer duration. Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the greatest cities to visit in the UK then, and see which one sounds like the perfect choice for your next adventure. Plus, one of the top things for a tourist when visiting the region is its relatively compact size, meaning with a bit of pre-planning and travel, you should be able to cross off a few of these on your trip.




Definitely the most well known city in the UK, and one of the most notable cities in the entire world, London, is genuinely a must-visit for anyone who sets foot in England. The capital city is located in the south-east of the country, and is home to just over 9 million residents. It’s a tourist’s dream, and has a bustling centre that has history dripping from nearly every building, and is filled with museums and art galleries, that are well worth getting lost in.

The famous city is also renowned for its swinging nightlife, with there being masses of enticing restaurants to dine out on quality grub, thousands of brilliant pubs and bars to drink yourself merry in, many bouncing nightclubs to dance the night away at, and even several large casinos to try your luck in. Gambling is much loved in the whole of the UK, and is legal throughout, but London is definitely the epicentre of casino excellence.



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If you cherish incredible architecture that is steeped with historical knowledge, then you’ll love Edinburgh. Scotland’s capital city since the 15th century, it’s located in what is known as the Central Belt, which is slap bang in the middle of the country. It has a population of just over 500,000, but despite being a lot smaller than many other well-known cities, this Scottish wonderland is still packed full of cultural delights. Finding somewhere grand to stay won’t be a problem either, as there’s numerous luxury hotels dotted about, such as the recently opened Red Carnation, which we reported on here at FTN News.

One place that should be on every tourist’s must-visit list, is the utterly spectacular Edinburgh Castle, which proudly sits atop the Castle Rock. It’s located in the middle of the city, and can be seen from many different streets. Visiting the castle is a fantastic journey into the past, as its inception was way back in the 11th century.


This is another compact but ultra vibrant city, though this time located in Wales. Cardiff is the capital city of the country, and has a population of just under 500,000 residents. It’s situated in the south-east of the minute country, and though it’s now the 11th largest city in the UK, it was rather remarkably, originally a small town until as recently as the early 19th century, when it then exploded in size, thanks to the coal trade.

Wales is known for its rolling hills, and they surround the city on three sides, making it a magical destination for keen walkers, as it’s a gateway to the stunning natural scenery of the South Wales Valleys. If walking is not for you though, maybe you’re more into sci-fi, in which case Cardiff is the home of the legendary British TV show, Doctor Who. There are numerous sites related to the beloved series to be found across the city, with their location details presented over at Visit Wales.


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