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What should you know before your first trip abroad?

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The thrill of making your first trip abroad inspires you to have more adventures, see as much as possible, and have a great vacation.

However, preparing for the first trip abroad is not limited to buying tickets and packing luggage. Therefore, a few helpful tips will not hurt those abroad for the first time.

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Choosing a country and buying a tour

When planning the first trip abroad, it is better to spend time but find a reliable tour operator who organizes tours to other countries and has earned a good reputation for several years. Travel agencies, intermediaries between the client and the tour operator, only sell tours; they can help you choose the appropriate time and arrange documents. You should find out in advance which documents the travel agency should issue before your trip to another country.

When choosing a country to travel to, you should first study the information about the climate, know what things to take with you, and be sure to read the rules of entry and stay in the country. In some countries may be fined and punished for what in our country is not considered an offense.



Health and Safety

Before leaving for another country take care of your health and safety. Some countries require vaccinations and medical insurance to ensure a treatment in a foreign country. Of course, medical care may be possible without insurance, but treatment in foreign countries is expensive.

  • Preparation of Documents - Every person visiting a foreign country should have with them a passport (in case of loss, make a photocopy beforehand), a health insurance policy, hotel voucher, airline tickets (or other public transport used for traveling), driving license (if you plan to rent a car), customs declaration (filled at the airport), documents needed for currency export.
  • Packing a suitcase - Pack everything you may need - this is what a traveler planning his first trip abroad thinks. The list of things can be so great that there will be a couple of suitcases, backpacks, and bags. And you have to carry your luggage to the airport (train station) and back. So once gathered things, you need to sort through them again and put away unnecessary items. If there are still many things, you should sort through things again. We need to take only what is necessary, considering the duration of rest, weather, and a mini first aid kit. Valuable items should not be placed in suitcases, which then will be given to the luggage, which can be lost. By the way, it is recommended to take a set of underwear and a change of clothes, food in hand luggage, in case of luggage loss through the airline's fault. Knowing your baggage allowance and the list of prohibited items is also good.

Money and communications

Before leaving home, if possible, it is best to exchange your money for the currency of the country you intend to visit. If the trip is to a distant land, it is better to warn the bank about the use of a bank card outside your country so that, for security reasons, the bank will not block the card. Making sure you can pay with your bank card in another country is worthwhile.

Before paying for the service, you should check the exchange rate to know how much you will have to pay. It is essential to be aware of money changes in order not to be cheated.

Going abroad for the first time, you must also communicate with those who stay at home. Therefore, it would help if you chose a favorable rate for communication.

You can download applications for mobile devices that may be necessary during the trip, such as a city map. By the way, mobile devices require charging, so you may need an adapter, which may not be in the hotel.

The language barrier

The first trip abroad is exciting because it may be challenging to communicate with the local population. However, knowing the language of the country, you are going to is reasonable. Otherwise, you will need to know at least some phrases and words in English. However, communicating in a foreign country may not be difficult. If your language knowledge is minimal or non-existent, you can use translator applications designed for mobile devices.


It is necessary to book a hotel room or other accommodation in advance if the tour operator does not solve the housing question. Arriving at the airport of another country, if your guide does not meet you, you should look for a cab that will take you to the hotel, and tell its address the driver. Otherwise, you have to find out the public transport schedule before arriving in the country. Then, you can go to the information desk at the airport, which will tell you the best way to get to the right place. English-speaking assistants can be found at the airport.

Getting to the Hotel

In most hotels, the day begins and ends at noon (in some hotels at 3 pm). If you arrive earlier or later than this time, you will have to wait in the hotel lobby or elsewhere to be checked into your room. The hotel gives the guest a card, which is helpful to carry with you because it has information about the hotel's location, and a mini-map of the city or area. For example, if you can not find your way to the hotel, you can show the card to the cab driver, who will take you to the address. It is better to leave your room keys at the reception desk whenever you leave the hotel. Information about guides and excursions can be found at the hotel.

Valuables, money, and jewelry are best kept in a safe. In some hotels, you can use a safe deposit box for an additional fee.

For an additional stay in the hotel, you must pay a fee. At check-out, the hotel may ask to vacate the room 30 minutes-2 hours before noon so that the maids have time to clean it for the next guests. Once the room is checked out, you can use the hotel services until you leave the hotel.

telescope for sightseeing


The hotel can offer a guidebook and a map in your native language, which is easy to navigate. In addition, you can download a guide, an audio guide, to your phone. However, it is not necessary to follow a strict plan painted in the guidebook because, during self-guided tours, you may be interested in the object that is not mentioned in the guidebook. But you need to keep track of his movements, noting the way on the map, so as not to get lost. By the way, make a rough plan of what you would like to see in the country better in advance so as not to lose time selecting attractions after arrival.

Being abroad for the first time, everything that catches your eye arouses interest; you want to visit many places. But you should avoid crowds of people, be careful, and not let valuable things out of your hands. You can get rid of obtrusive traders by calling the police.


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