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Top British Coastal Towns Worth Visiting

Dorset coast

The coast isn't the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of the UK. However, the UK boasts thousands of miles of beaches, making road trips along the coastline a worthwhile adventure.

In the summer, you can bask in the sun and enjoy splashing in the water. When the temperatures cool, there's still a lot to see and do in these stunning destinations. Keep reading to learn about some of the UK's top coastal towns. 

Southport, Merseyside

Southport is one of the UK's top seaside destinations for a good reason: there's so much to see and do in this coastal town. If you love sandy beaches, Southport offers 22 miles of coast for you to explore. That's not all; you can also visit its beautiful parks and enjoy world-class shopping. The town has just the right amount of hustle and bustle to keep visitors entertained but isn't overrun with tourists like some of the UK's bigger cities. While you're there, be sure to enjoy all of the seaside activities the town has to offer.



Whitstable, Kent

If you're looking for a seaside escape, it's hard to go wrong with Whitstable, which you'll find on Kent's north coast, not far from London. Whitstable is a popular destination for city-dwellers looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The cuisine is top-notch, and the town has been known for its oysters since Roman times. If you time your road trip right, you can attend the annual Oyster Festival, which takes place the last two weeks in July and features parades, performances, and oyster eating contests. 

Falmouth, Cornwall

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Falmouth's coastal backdrop makes this city one of the best English coastal towns you can visit. Whether walking along the high street or sipping coffee in a cafe, you'll almost always have a view of the sea. There's so much to explore in the town, including the world's third-largest natural harbor, which houses beautiful creeks and hidden coves. If you want to learn a bit of history, you can visit the town's award-winning National Maritime Museum.

Southwold, Suffolk

A traditional pier, sandy beaches, and colorful beach huts await you in the small town of Suffolk, located on England's east coast. While you may be tempted to spend all of your time relaxing on the beach, the town has several attractions worth checking out. The town's lighthouse sits in the same spot it did over 600 years ago and is still operational, making it a must-see while visiting. You can also explore several trails near the beach and explore Market Square. The town also hosts the Latitude Festival in July, which features music, dance, theater, and more. 

Dartmouth, Devon

Seafood lovers can't go wrong with this town that sits on the banks of the River Dart. While it isn't a coastal town, you'll only have to travel a couple of miles to reach the sea. That being said, you probably won't miss being on the coast during your stay in Dartmouth because there's so much to see and do, and you have the beautiful river as a backdrop as you explore. You can take one of the many walking trails scattered throughout the town directly to the coast. If you're not up for walking, you can choose a boat tour instead. The town also has historic pubs and top chefs serving up delicious seafood dishes. 

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Eastbourne, located on England's south coast, is home to one of the loveliest beach towns in England. The town is much more tranquil than the Bognor Regis and Brighton, allowing visitors to enjoy the sand as they stretch out on Holywell Retreat Beach. If you're looking for a relaxing getaway, this is your spot.

If UK summer trends for 2022 continue into next year, international visitors will continue returning to the UK, and we wouldn't be surprised to see some of these coastal towns on their list. 


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