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Discover Europe’s Top Bike-Friendly Cities for Your Next Adventure

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In Europe, bike-sharing schemes have gained immense popularity, with over 27 million users signed up. This convenient and affordable mode of transportation offers a quick way to navigate through cities, even if you don’t own a bike.

With this in mind, why not consider exploring your next holiday destination on two wheels instead of relying on a car?

To assist holidaymakers in planning their bike adventures, weloveholidays, an online tour operator, has created a comprehensive ranking of the top bike-friendly cities in Europe. Using criteria such as the availability of bike-sharing stations, length of cycle paths, number of rainy days, and differences in elevation, each city has been carefully evaluated.



Topping the list is Berlin, the capital city of Germany. With over 3,000 bike-sharing stations and a slight difference in elevation, Berlin offers bike enthusiasts a fantastic experience. Following closely in second place is Vienna, renowned for its extensive cycling path system that stretches over an impressive 1654 km.

Barcelona and Paris secure the third and fourth positions respectively, offering an extensive selection of bike-sharing stations and favorable cycling conditions. Helsinki completes the top five, boasting a remarkable combined bike-path length of 1,200 km.



Surprisingly, Marseille in France, ranking 13th, is the city with the fewest rainy days within the top 15, making it an ideal destination for a dry bike tour. Although not in the top 15, Malmö in Sweden shouldn’t be overlooked by cycling enthusiasts. With 515 km of designated cycling paths and a flat to medium elevation profile, Malmö is a great choice for bikers.

On the other hand, cities such as Athens, Rome, and Sofia, while not ranking in the top 15, stand out as some of the hilliest cities. These destinations are better suited for experienced cyclists, offering an elevation difference of over 1,000 m.


These are Europe’s 15 most bike-friendly cities:


Rank City Country Bike-sharing stations Bike path length (km) No. of rainy days Difference in elevation (m) Total score
1 Berlin Germany 3153 620 159 86 2.628
2 Vienna Austria 402 1654 144 505 2.213
3 Barcelona Spain 1735 240 121 509 1.993
4 Paris France 1417 700 170 165 1.965
5 Helsinki Finland 453 1200 176 107 1.948
6 Amsterdam Netherlands 1300 515 183 26 1.871
7 Bucharest Romania 22 122 103 68 1.798
8 Lisbon Portugal 140 200 112 219 1.760
9 London UK 794 350 141 271 1.749
10 Valencia Spain 276 150 106 352 1.732
11 Warsaw Poland 315 500 156 75 1.692
12 Stockholm Sweden 67 760 163 101 1.686
13 Milan Italy 321 220 143 84 1.639
14 Marseille France 38 250 105 642 1.513
15 Copenhagen Denmark 110 385 169 91 1.479

Dr. Jan Kuklinski, General Manager at weloveholidays, emphasizes the benefits of exploring cities by bike. Not only is it quicker than walking, but it also significantly reduces your carbon footprint compared to driving a vehicle. However, he advises prospective cyclists to assess the terrain, consider their road confidence and fitness level before embarking on their bike tour. The weloveholidays index serves as a useful guide, providing essential information for planning an exciting city trip across Europe.

Embark on a memorable bike adventure through Europe’s top-ranked bike-friendly cities. With reliable bike-sharing stations, extensive cycling paths, and a commitment to eco-friendly transportation, these cities offer the perfect opportunity to explore urban landscapes in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Do your part for the environment while discovering the charm and beauty of Europe’s vibrant cities.


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