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Arizona's Tourism Industry Achieves Post-Pandemic Highs, Boosting Economy Statewide

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In a report released by the Arizona Office of Tourism, it was revealed that Arizona's tourism industry played a vital role in the state's economic recovery in 2022. The data showcased significant growth in visitor spending, job creation, and tax revenue, solidifying the industry as a primary economic driver.

With visitor spending reaching an impressive $28.1 billion, equivalent to an average of $77 million spent per day, Arizona's 90+ cities, towns, and communities reaped the benefits. Lisa Urias, the director of the Arizona Office of Tourism, credited the collaborative efforts of state partners in positioning Arizona as a top-choice destination amid the surge in national travel interest.

All key metrics, including overnight visitation, visitor spending, taxes collected, jobs generated, and tourism wages earned, surpassed the figures of the previous year. Notably, a combined total of $3.98 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenue was generated, supporting essential services like healthcare, public safety, and transportation.



The report also highlighted county-specific data, illustrating the positive impact of tourism spending in rural areas. Coconino County led with the largest reduction in tax burden per household, followed by La Paz, Gila, Santa Cruz, Yavapai, and Navajo counties. These numbers emphasized the significant contribution of tourism to Arizona's rural counties, with an average statewide tax burden reduction of $878 per household.

Moreover, the $1.1 billion in state tourism taxes collected in 2022 accounted for nearly 10% of the entire operating budget for the year, further establishing the industry as a crucial contributor to the state's finances.



The report also unveiled the top origin states of overnight visitors. While Arizonans represented the largest group with 11.3 million overnight visitors, visitors from California, Texas, New York, and Florida also contributed significantly to Arizona's tourism landscape.

Arizona Tourism Economic Impact 2022

The data was presented during the 2023 Governor's Conference on Tourism, which brought together leaders from the travel and hospitality industry. Held at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa from July 10-12, 2023, the conference provided a platform for industry stakeholders to discuss strategies for continued growth and success in Arizona's thriving tourism sector.


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