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Marrakech Opens Its Doors to Tourists After Devastating Earthquake


The ancient city of Marrakech, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is once again welcoming tourists after being hit by a catastrophic earthquake just over a week ago.

The tremor, which was the most powerful to strike Morocco in a century, claimed the lives of approximately 3,000 individuals and injured over 6,000, as per official data.

The magnitude 7 earthquake, which occurred southwest of Marrakech on September 8, inflicted significant damage on numerous historical and tourist sites in the city and across other parts of Morocco. Notable sites in Marrakech that suffered damage include the historic Medina with its ancient walls and narrow pathways, the globally renowned Jemaa el-Fna square and marketplace, and the majestic minarets of the Kotoubia.



However, in a testament to the city's resilience, tourists have started to flock back. Mohammad al-Rouweisi, a local tour guide, shared with Anadolu that large numbers of visitors are now exploring the city's historical monuments. He mentioned that safety measures, including barriers around damaged structures, have been put in place by security forces to ensure the safety of both residents and tourists.

"The recovery of tourism in the Red City [Marrakech] is visibly accelerating. Activities in the Jemaa el-Fna square have resumed after a brief pause post-earthquake," al-Rouweisi added.



The National Geophysical Institute of Morocco has identified this earthquake as the most potent in the last 100 years. (AA)


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