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holidays and well being

How Social Holidays Improve Overall Well-Being

Social holidays improve holiday makers’ overall satisfaction with life, as well as satisfaction with the quantity and quality of their leisure time, and social life.


Coronavirus: UK Economy Loses up to £2.5 billion during Christmas

Today UKinbound, a leading travel trade association representing over 300 tourism businesses, has released projections that show that the collapse in international visitors could cost the UK economy up to £2.5 billion over the Christmas period.

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The World’s Most Luxurious Casinos

Around the world, casinos encompass the spectrum from decidedly down at heel to ultra glamorous and deluxe. These luxurious casinos, usually part of an all-inclusive resort, come with a hefty price tag if you want to stay.


Visit the Hometowns of These Famous Authors

We often wonder what minds authors work with and how vast their inner worlds have to be in order to be able to write such great works of art for others to read.


Safari Countries Have Reopened & Waiting Tourists

All safari countries have reopened their borders, but few tourists have returned. The December survey among 261 safari tour operators reveals the continuing impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the safari industry.


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