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48.9 Million Americans to Travel for Fourth of July

More Americans than ever recorded by AAA, nearly 49 million, are making plans to honor the red, white and blue with an Independence Day getaway this year. Overall travel volume for the holiday is expected to rise 4.1% over last year, with an additional 1.9 million people planning road trips and other vacations to celebrate America’s birthday.

Spielbank Wiesbaden

When the average Americans hear about a casino, they probably think of the massive resorts of Las Vegas or the welcoming tribal gambling houses all around the country. When hearing the same, a European will probably think of a much less flashy building with much more history hidden among its walls.

luxury road trip

Have you ever wanted to take a luxurious road trip, but didn't know where to start? Traveling by road is one of the most rewarding ways to experience your country, or even journey somewhere completely new. In order to plan the best road trip for you and your needs, we've laid out the five most important considerations to work out in advance.



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