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All students who live in Colorado know that when the summer season comes along when the sunlight melts the snow on high alpine, the only place to be is at the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is a rare state, which has thousands of different trails. They traverse one of the best terrains in the entire country, which includes peaks, lakes, and meadows overloaded with beautiful wildflowers.

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Travel and tourism remained one of the key growth drivers of Africa's economy, contributing 8.5% of the GDP in 2018; equivalent to $194.2 billion. According to the 2019 Jumia Hospitality Report Africa, this growth record placed the continent as the second-fastest growing tourism region in the world, with a growth rate of 5.6% after Asia Pacific and against a 3.9% global average growth rate.

Mobile Travel Thumb

Some travellers would prefer to enjoy their trips without any distractions and that does not exempt the use of gadget. There are times though when being on the road or on the plane for a very long time can be boring. In this day and age, mobile phones have become a must when traveling for all sorts of reasons.




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