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Most fun states in the U.S.

Top 20 Most Fun States in America - 2021

The 50 U.S. states across two key categories, “Entertainment & Recreation” and “Nightlife” are analyzed to find out the most fun states in America in 2021.

Amusement Park in Paris Reopens

Amusement Park in Paris Reopens

The only amusement park in Paris proper, the Jardin d’Acclimatation has been closed since October 28, 2020. The amusement park in Paris now reopened and welcoming back Parisians, regular visitors, nature lovers and all those who have yet to discover this magical place.


The Most Luxurious Restaurants To Dine At

Fine dining is something that we all wish we could indulge in more frequently. Of course, it does come with a price tag attached to it, and that is probably why many of the times you will find that the dining experience is limited to holidays and treats to ourselves every once-in-a-while.

5 Most Luxurious Gambling Destinations in the World

5 Most Luxurious Gambling Destinations in the World

Whether you are an experienced visitor to casinos or you are a newcomer who is interested in what this scene has to offer, working out where to head for a gambling-focused trip is tricky, because there are so many options available.

Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands Wants to be on UK's Green List

Madeira Islands deserve to stay on the UK Government’s green list and should not be categorised with the rest of mainland Europe, being 1077km away and having a unique set of circumstances.

Top Place for Digital Nomads: Phuket

Top 20 Places for Digital Nomads in 2021

Due to events that affect our lives today many of us working remotely. Today, our work goes online and we can swap or home with sandy beaches in another location. Here are the 20 top places in the world for digital nomads.

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