Real World Places You Can Visit In Video Games

Real World Places You Can Visit In Video Games

When you play a video game, you’re taking a long trip to a virtual world that could be in a fantasy realm, back in time or even 1000 years in the future - the possibilities are endless.


TOP Largest Casinos in the World

In the last two years, the gambling business has suffered heavy losses due to the recent economic situation around the world.


The Perfect Road Trip in Australia: A Guide

Winding down your car window to take in the sweet smell of eucalyptus forests, spotting kangaroos on the side of the road, surfing on the beaches of Australia's east coast, or staying up late to watch the stars fade into the daylight after sleeping under them - it's all part of traveling in Australia.

Silk Road Samarkand

New Tourist Complex: Silk Road Samarkand

Silk Road Samarkand, a multifunctional tourist complex designed to become a modern attraction not only of the city of Samarkand, but also of the entire Central Asia, will be opened for visitors next year.

Rovaniemi Christmas 2021

Rovaniemi Filled with Christmas Beauty

Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus, gets ready for Christmas. The city center was filled with Christmas beauty as the local companies donated 200 Christmas trees along the promenade.

Hertz Tesla rentals

Hertz to Add 50,000 Teslas to Uber Network

Hertz and Uber are accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. through a new exclusive partnership to make up to 50,000 Teslas available by 2023 for drivers to rent when using the Uber network.

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What to See and Do in Sochi

The Black Sea resort of Sochi is home to beautiful sunsets, thriving nightlife, and a bustling city centre.

Senior Travelers

Top Tips for Senior Travelers

Just because you’re getting on in years, it doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. On the contrary, traveling in your later years should be something to look forward to.