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Top Casinos in Germany

Gambling is legalized throughout Germany and there are more than 50 casinos to choose from. Most of the gambling venues are located in the spa or resort towns and they will have the word ‘bad’ at the beginning of their names indicating a bath or spa.


Georgia Removed All Covid-19-related Travel Restrictions

From June 14, 2022, Georgia has removed all Covid-19-related travel restrictions. Citizens of any foreign country, traveling to Georgia via any route (by air, land, and sea) are no longer obliged to present either a Covid-vaccination certificate or PCR-examination negative result report.

Museum of Rescued Art

New Rome Museum Showcasing Looted Artworks

A new museum opened in Rome on Wednesday, showcasing dozens of priceless looted artworks that had illegally ended up in the US and were recently returned to Italy.

Santa Monica CA

2022’s Most Fun States in America

With summer just around the corner and 86% of Americans planning to take a vacation, the study finds out the 2022’s most fun states in America.


5 Places to Visit in Ukraine

The beautiful Carpathian Mountains place Ukraine among the most popular destinations for travelers seeking a low-cost holiday.

Ajuda National Palace

Royal Treasure Museum Opens in Lisbon

The Royal Treasure Museum opens up to the public as the newest addition to the charming city of Lisbon. This new attraction is another example of Lisbon's artistic and cultural wealth.



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