How to Perfect Your Gambling Strategy


Many people have tried to develop the best strategy for gambling but often failed. No matter the experience you have, no betting strategy is without flaws.

This does not mean that you should discredit all gambling strategies. How you place and manage bets is equally important in addition to the strategy you use.

In this article, we will be discussing how to perfect your gambling strategy and ways you can manage risk at the table for profitability at casino sites like Let’s get started!

Develop A Style and Stick With It

Before you consider gambling you have to choose your style. Your gambling style is like your signature which should determine the kind of bets you take and the ones to avoid.

Unsure of how to develop a gambling style? The following highlights four things you should do before you kick start your gambling journey.

Choose a Forte

There are over a million things to bet on from casino games (like poker and blackjacks) to sports (like football and basketball) and it will be crazy to start off betting across multiple options. This is detrimental to your wallet as you won’t have focus and direction.

Narrow down what you bet on so you can study them well. Remember a jack of all bets is a master of none (LOL). The idea is to get used to the mechanism of a few bets and then perfect your strategy on them. For example, if you love sports you can choose to bet on football, basketball, and tennis. 

Create a Logical System

Now that you have decided what to bet on, you can start figuring out what you must do to win. These include strategies like how much to place on a bet, when to exit and how to handle winning and losing streaks.

You may need to develop your logical system for each game as different games have different rules and mechanisms.

Journal Your Bets

A good way to measure performance is by recording your wins and losses. This will enable you to understand your betting pattern. The information you enter into your betting journal can give you insights into where you made most of your profit or loss and also the game.

Some of the details entered in a betting journal include but are not limited to the date of entry, the reason for entry, loss limit, and bet size, amongst others.

Practicing on Paper (Demo)

You have developed your strategy and are now ready to dive straight into gambling. Before you commit real money into betting, you first need to practise everything you have developed on paper. First, by betting a live game on paper to see the outcome. Second, journal down your paper bets to see how profitable it is on paper.

A good rule of thumb here is not to rush into using real money. Practicing on paper should take at least four weeks before deciding when to jump on the bandwagon of gamblers.

Money Management is Key

Betting is not all about making money. Learning how to protect your wallet is crucial when gambling as a mistake can cost you some or all of your money. Below are some money management tips.

Have Enough Money 

The first thing you don’t want to do is bet when you don’t have enough money. Enough money doesn’t mean you dip your hands into your savings or emergency funds. Having enough money helps you bet without worrying, it saves you from unnecessary desperate calls which might impair your betting judgment.

Have Clear and Realistic Goals

Ask some people about their betting goals and they will tell you they want to win a million dollars in two weeks. These expectations are not wrong but they are not realistic.

A realistic goal should be achievable, not a goal from your fantasy. To be clear and realistic, you have to be honest with yourself and that includes dropping your greed.

Define Your Maximum loss

In addition to making money from bets, you need to determine the maximum amount of loss you can handle. Defining this will help in protecting your money and allows you to avoid trading from emotion.

Winning Habits of Pros

You can follow the advice of professional and successful gamblers to increase your edge in the industry. Below are some of the winning habits of professional gamblers.

Focus on Your Bets

Focusing on your bets simply means removing from your mind all external thoughts and worries that are bothering you. If you are unsure, it may be in your best interest not to bet until you can focus without distraction.

Learn to Accept Losses

Losses are part of gambling. You should see them as lessons on which you can improve.

Always Know When to Quit

Leaving the casino with half of your money is better than losing it all because you can’t take a beat down. If you are experiencing a series of losing streaks, it is crucial to stop betting so you can evaluate your past bets.

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