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FTN News – Focus on Travel News is a leading daily travel and tourism news website, providing a targeted advertising platform for companies in the travel industry.

With its continuously evolving content and valuable readership, FTN News has become the most influential publication for monitoring the pulse of the travel industry and digital ecosystem. Our dedicated audience, which includes industry professionals and travel enthusiasts, relies on FTN News for the latest updates and trends in travel and tourism.

FTN News stands out as the go-to source for travel news, offering insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage that helps businesses stay ahead in the dynamic travel market.


Here are some of the options we offer for businesses. If you want something special that is not written here, contact us and we will do our best.

Banner Ads

  • Your ad will stay at the same location as long as you want
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Sponsored Posts

Customized articles featuring your brand, are seamlessly integrated into our editorial content. We don’t limit the number of words in the article, but around 1000 words is the best maximum to ensure optimal engagement.

Email Newsletters

Direct access to our subscribers with dedicated ad space in our newsletters.


If you would like to advertise with us or have any questions, please send an email to
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