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VIE Forecasts for Passenger Development

“2020 is the most difficult as well as the most bizarre year in airport history," says Julian Jäger, Member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG and shares forecast for passenger development in 2021.

Most Mentioned Airlines

Most Mentioned Airlines Among Influencers in 2020

After relaxation on air travel following last year’s strict lockdowns, several airline operators are taking various measures to mitigate the losses and meet the travel demand ahead of the holiday season.

Emirates Group Security Appoints MedAire

Emirates Group Security Appoints MedAire

Emirates Group Security’s – a multi-faceted organization part of the Emirates Group – longstanding partnership with MedAire has been cemented with yet another collaboration to build an innovative, cutting-edge solution that will improve its thorough analysis and threat-prevention systems in the aviation industry.

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