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ANA Group Announces Updated Safety Standards

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ANA HOLDINGS INC. will continue its efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 by implementing additional measures in accordance to the company’s approach.

While ANA Group has already been taking appropriate precautions to fight the spread of the virus and make aircrafts safe, ANA Group will continue to elevate their efforts by implementing various fundamental standards and safety precautions.

“We want to reassure our customers and employees that ANA is taking every precaution to provide a clean, safe and comfortable travel experience,” said Yuji Hirako, President and CEO of ANA. “As new industry, government or airport specific cleaning and sanitization policies are considered, we will continue to evaluate implementing them.”

ANA Group’s Standards and Approach:

1.      Maintain a clean environment at airports, in aircraft cabins, lounges and all locations

2.      ANA Group employees will wear a facial covering at every touch point with customers

3.      All aircraft operated by ANA Group will be disinfected on a regular and frequent basis. Aircraft used for International flights will be sanitized after every flight, and daily at night on aircraft flown domestically.

4.      All aircrafts used by ANA will have clean air through ventilation systems:

  • Clean air through adequate ventilation

The aircraft absorbs a large amount of clean air from the sky, which allows for the cabin’s entire air to be replaced in approximately three minutes.

  • Aircraft equipped with a high-performance filter*

The cabin air is filtered and circulated through a high-performance filter, ensuring high-quality, clean air.

*The same filter is used in the air conditioning system of the operating rooms of hospitals as well.

  • Constant air circulation

The cabin air is constantly flowing, from the ceiling to the floor, and from the front to the back. The air in aircraft does not stay stagnant.

In an enhanced effort to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, ANA is asking its passengers for their cooperation and adherence to the social distancing and facial covering protocols. ANA is asking its passengers to wear a face covering at the airport and onboard the aircraft to alleviate others’ concerns. Passengers who do not wear a facial covering may be refused to board. ANA asks for cooperation in its efforts to prevent the spread of infection.

*: Exceptions will be made for infants and those who are physically unable to wear masks.

*: For customers who registered their email address in advance, we will inform them of the self-condition checks by measuring temperature, wearing a mask, and recommend online check-in, check baggage.

【ANA Group’s initiatives to prevent the spread of infection and passenger requirements 】*1

ANA Group will start the following activities sequentially as soon as possible operationally. (Note that we have already started some initiatives already “★”)


ANA Groups’ initiatives*2 in accordance with other associated groups*3

ANA passenger requirements

Check-in Area/

Before Departure

<Wearing of Facial Covering and Face Shield>

Airport staff will wear facial coverings and face shields. ★

<Installation of plastic curtains>

Plastic curtains will be placed at the check-in counter. ★

<Lounge Services>

・Individual wrapping and the suspension and restriction of some food, drink and other services. ★

・Disinfectant will be located at the entrance of the lounge and the food and drink area. ★

<Disinfection of equipment, etc.>

Periodically disinfect equipment and supplies such as check-in machines and wheelchairs. ★

<Hand Sanitizer>

Hand sanitizers will be located by the airport entrance.

<Wearing of Facial Covering>

Passengers must wear a facial covering in the check-in, lounge, gate and all areas of the airport.

<Seat Assignment>

・When making a reservation, passengers can confirm the reservation status of their flight in advance and reserve the seat they want. *4

・Please take advantage of online check in.

<Securing Social Distance>

・Please follow the staff's instruction and cooperate to secure the distance between passengers.

・Usage of ANA’s online check-in and ANA Baggage Drop (self-service baggage drop machine)

<Hand Sanitizer>

Please use hand sanitizers located by the airport entrance.

Security Area

<Temperature measurement>

Temperature measurement will be carried out near the entrance of the security check. ★

(Currently underway at 6 airports: Haneda, Narita, Itami, Kansai, Chubu and Fukuoka)

<Hand Sanitizer>

Hand sanitizers will be located at the security check.

<Wearing of Facial Covering>

Please wear a facial covering.

<Securing Social Distance>

Please follow the staff's instruction and cooperate to secure the distance between passengers.

<Receiving a pass certificate>

Please hold the barcode over the device and receive the pass certificate.

<Hand Sanitizer>

Please use hand sanitizer located at the security check.

Gate Area

<Wearing of Facial Covering and Face Shield>

At the boarding gate, airport staff will wear masks and face shields. ★

<Hand Sanitizer>

Hand sanitizers will be placed near the boarding gate.

<Wearing of Facial Covering>

Please wear a facial cover.

<Securing Social Distance>

Please follow the staff's instruction and cooperate to secure the distance between passengers.

<Boarding pass>

Please hold the two-dimensional bar code or IC at the gate and receive it by yourself.

<Hand Sanitizer>

Please use hand sanitizers near the board gate.


<Wearing of Facial Covering and Gloves by Cabin Attendants>

Cabin attendants working on domestic and international flights will wear facial coverings to reassure passengers using ANA services. They will also wear gloves when serving food and drink items. ★

<Cleaning and Disinfection of Aircraft>

・Each flight is cleaned and disinfected for international flights. ★

・Aircraft is cleaned and disinfected every day at night for domestic flights. ★

<Antibacterial Wipes>

While the aircraft cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly, additional antibacterial wipes will be provided to those in need.

<In-flight Service>

In-flight services such as drinks, meals, in-flight Duty Free Sales and newspapers and magazines may be suspended or limited. ★

<Wearing of Facial Covering>

Please wear a facial covering when boarding.

*1: The details may vary depending on the operating company.

*2: State government, local governments, and regional airport authorities.

*3: Conducted at selected overseas airports.

*4: Some seats cannot be selected.

ANA will continue to work closely with relevant departments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in order to ensure all passengers feel safe and comfortable when flying with ANA.