JetBlue entertainment options with customized screen

JetBlue Unveils Blueprint by JetBlue for a Personalized In-Flight Experience

JetBlue has launched Blueprint by JetBlue™, a service that enhances inflight entertainment by introducing customization features that resonate with personal home entertainment experiences.

The platform offers unique features such as watch parties for up to six people, personalized content recommendations, and the ability to resume shows or movies on subsequent flights.

Some of the new functions that customers can look forward to seeing on their seatback screens include:

  • Watch party: Watch the same film or TV show at the exact same time with up to five other customers on the flight. JetBlue is the first airline to allow up to six customers to watch entertainment content at the same time to enjoy family-style viewing. Play and pause can be controlled on all linked screens, regardless of where each viewer is seated.
  • Content recommendations: Receive personal recommendations for inflight entertainment based on previous viewing history.
  • Pick up where you left off: Whether connecting with a layover or flying next month, never miss the end of a film or television show—automatically pick up where you left off from flight to flight.
  • Saved favorites: Save film and TV show selections to watch on future flights so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.
  • Saved settings: Accessibility and system settings, such as volume, language, parental controls and close captions preferences can now be saved and carried over from flight to flight.
  • Content partnerships: First-of-its-kind partnerships such as JetBlue’s exclusive streaming partner, Peacock, provide customers with access to exclusive entertainment and offers.

Tailored Touchpoints for Seamless Connection

Beyond inflight entertainment options, Blueprint expands on JetBlue’s existing products that give customers a more personalized experience and brings their entire travel journey to their fingertips:

  • Personal greetings: Customers can now change their preferred name on their JetBlue travel profile to be displayed in a personal welcome message on seatback screens, whether or not they identify with their legal name.
    • JetBlue is the only airline that greets customers with confetti graphics and a complimentary drink (21+) when flying on their birthday.
  • Flight connect: Customers can access information regarding their JetBlue connecting flights and gates right at their seat.
  • Seatback ordering: JetBlue’s seatback ordering feature that lets customers make meal selections directly from the seatback screen now extends to its A321neo with Mint aircraft, further elevating dining on all transatlantic flights.
  • Loyalty made easy: Customers can enjoy easy one-click sign-up to JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program through a QR pop-up on seatback touchscreens that automatically populates first and last name directly on a personal device.

The new personalization functions have begun rolling out on JetBlue’s AVANT touchscreen aircraft powered by Thales and are expected to be completed next month.

JetBlue’s Commitment to Customer-Centric Innovations

JetBlue continues to lead with initiatives like fast Wi-Fi and generous legroom in coach. These efforts are part of their broader commitment to providing a customer-first experience, with the latest addition of Blueprint by JetBlue enhancing this vision.

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