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APG Network Launches its own Accreditation for Travel Agents

APG Network

With its new distribution products APG Connect and APG Platform, APG is now developing its own sales channel outside of GDSs and BSPs.

APG’stargetwith these new products is the non-IATA travel agent, although all travel agents can subscribe to these platforms, both are simple, secure, easy to set up and book on.

All travel agencies using APG Connect and/or APG Platform will become an AAA (APG Accredited Agent) and assigned a unique accreditation number.



No financial security is required to join APG’s Accredited Agents Network.

OphelieCherdrong, APG IET/Connect Executive Product Director, commented “This is a great opportunity, especially for non-IATA agents, to be part of a worldwide network of travel agencies and to benefit from APG’s sales channels .”



And Thibault Lenoir, APG Executive VP, to add “This accreditation proves that APG has a unique bond with local travel agencies across the globe. With the pandemic, travel agents need flexible solutions more than ever before. This is why we created the APG Platform, a free access B2B NDC booking tool open to everyone, which supports multiple forms of payments and is directly connected to the latest and best content of a growing portfolio of partner airlines. Distribution is changing and we are proud to be part of it.

APG Platform is a Ticketing Platform that can assist travel agents to generate additional revenue by enlarging their catalogue and by selling air and non-air ancillaries combined.

APG Connect is the new sales channel of APG IET, theInterline E-Ticketing “hub” with its own airline APG Airlines (GP-275) that enable airlines, through a single interline agreement, to activate a significant additional revenue stream and expand their sales distribution to many more global markets.
As of today, more than 80 airlines are sellable in APG Connect and13 in APG Platform.


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