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U.S. Citizen Air Passenger Departures from the United States to foreign countries totaled 4.573 million in September 2022, +87% compared to September 2021 and up (+2.0%) compared to September 2019.

Total air passenger travel (arrivals and departures) between the United States and other countries were with Mexico 2.40 million, Canada 2.10 million, the United Kingdom 1.56 million, Germany 951k and France 732k.

Total air passenger travel (arrivals and departures) between the United States and Europe continued to strengthen totaling 6.183 million passengers, up 204% over September 2021, but down only (-15.8%) over September 2019.



With South/Central America/Caribbean totaled 3.628 million, up 33% over September 2021, but was ‘flat’ compared to September 2019.

And with Asia totaled 1.221 million passengers, up 260% over September 21, but still down (-60%) over September 2019.



Top U.S. ports serving international locations were New York (JFK) 2.54 million, Miami (MIA) 1.60 million, Los Angeles (LAX) 1.50 million, Newark (EWR) 1.14 million and Chicago (ORD) 1.07 million.

Top foreign ports serving U.S. locations were London Heathrow (LHR) 1.31 million, Toronto (YYZ) 859k, Cancun (CUN) 741k, Paris (CDG) 658k, and Frankfurt (FRA) 618k.

Non-U.S. Citizen Air Passenger Arrivals to the United States from foreign countries totaled 3.895 million, +230% compared to September 2021 and (-27.2%) compared to September 2019.


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