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Orlando Airport Served Over 50 Million in 2022

Orlando Airport MCO

For only the second time in Orlando International Airport (MCO) history, the 50 million passenger mark has been shattered. Last year MCO recorded nearly 50.2 million travelers, a 24 percent increase over 2021.

“Orlando International Airport saw nearly 10 million more passengers in 2022 than the year before,” says Kevin Thibault, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

“These numbers validate our strong belief that Terminal C was more than needed to meet projected demand. By continuing to build during the pandemic, we are now well positioned for the future growth and economic expansion of the Central Florida region.”



“We find ourselves at the cusp of great possibilities for the future,” said GOAA Chairman Carson Good.

“This started with the opening of Terminal C and now we have an even brighter outlook for strong economic growth for our region and state.”



Comparison of traffic numbers at MCO during the past 5 years

2018     47,696,627
2019     50,613,072
2020     21,617,803
2021     40,351,068
2022     50,178,499

Statistical Data for December 2022

International traffic increased 48.68 percent with 580,962 total passengers.

Domestic passenger traffic increased 7.46 percent with 4,066,037 total travelers.

Combined, overall traffic increased 11.32 percent for the month with 4,646,999 passengers.

Statistical Data for CY 2022

International traffic increased 184.20 percent with 5,543,168 total passengers.

Domestic passenger traffic volume increased 16.24 percent with 44,635,331 total travelers at MCO.

Combined, overall traffic increased 24.35 percent with a total of 50,178,499 passengers at MCO.

International traffic accounted for 11 percent of the overall traffic at MCO in 2022 as compared to 5 percent in 2021.


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