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British Woman Rescued 10 Hours after Jumping off Cruise Ship cost Norwegian $600K

Croatia coast guard rescue British womanIt has been revealed that the British passenger who plunged into the sea from a Norwegian Star cruise ship over the weekend didn’t fall but jumped from the deck.

Passengers revealed what the captain of the cruise ship told them over the Tannoy system after Brit Kay Longstaff fell into the Adriatic Sea from the Norwegian Star.

Captain said: ‘I’m calling to alert you now that we have a reported jumper off the ship and we’re now in a search and rescue mission.’

The mother of Andy Stuart, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines, made scathing remarks to the Daily Telegraph against Kay Longstaff. “She didn’t fall off. She jumped. This has cost Norwegian Cruise Line $600,000. This stupid woman,” Stuart’s mother told the Daily Telegraph.

The 46-year-old air hostess is alleged to have rowed with her partner in the days before she plunged overboard and is said to have been having a "tough time" on board the cruise.

Kay claimed she fell from the seventh deck of the 294m liner, before spending 10 hours floating in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia until she was plucked from the waters by the coast guard.

Kay told reporters that the fact that she practices yoga helped her as she was fit. And she said she was singing to not feel cold in the sea overnight.

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