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Norwegian Cruise Leaves 8 Passengers Stranded on African Island

Eight Norwegian Cruise passengers found themselves stranded on an African island, leading to a concerning situation involving a pregnant woman and an elderly man with a heart condition.

The group was left without access to money or essential medications after their ship departed without them.

Jill and Jay Campbell, a couple from South Carolina, reported being left on the Central African island of São Tomé. They were among six Americans and two Australians who could not reboard their cruise ship after the captain allegedly denied them entry, as per WMBF news.

A spokesperson for the cruise line, however, presented a different perspective. They stated that the passengers were not on a cruise-organized excursion but had ventured out “on their own or with a private tour” and failed to return before the scheduled “all-aboard time.”

This incident raises questions about the responsibilities of cruise lines to their passengers and the importance of clear communication regarding departure times. The stranded passengers’ plight underscores the need for adequate planning and support for individuals who find themselves in unexpected predicaments during their travels.

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