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Reasons to Book A Halong Bay One-day Tour And How To Pack Smartly?

Halong Bay cruise tour

Travelers need to add Halong Bay to their must-see list in their Vietnam’s grand tour. It is a spectacular beach destination, which can be impossible to explore within a day.

Fortunately, with highway construction and efficient cab services, travelers, who are running short of time, can board a Halong Bay day trip. The 160 km distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay can be completed in 2 hours, so travelers get plenty of time to explore. 

Reasons to book one-day Halong trip



The Halong Bay day tour is quite budget-friendly in many ways. However, if you stay longer in Halong Bay, then you might need to spend a night, which will turn out to be a little expensive, as it is a popular tourist destination. If you book a single day trip, you can return to your hotel in Vietnam or some less expensive areas. 

A well planned day trip will allow you explore the UNESCO Heritage site briefly and impressively. Sometimes, the days you spend don’t matter, but it is the essence and feel you experience that counts. 

Tips to choose a day cruise

Choose the right day cruise by visiting You will find the best deals and information about the water and road transportations available in and around Halong Bay. 

What to expect - There are many gorgeous sailing tours, but since you are going for a one-day tour, you will have to avoid them. However, there are lots of other activities to do and enjoy your A Halong Bay one-day trip.

Book in advance - If you go to Bay Chay pier for buying one day trip tickets, you'll have tough luck. Moreover, there are chances that you may get scammed. Therefore, visit a trusted website like, and you'll find all the much needed information to book your tickets in advance.

Pick outside pier area - The charges at pier parking is $30 per person, so to avoid overspending you can request the booking agent to pick you outside the pier area.

Time length - Generally, the duration of tour is 4 or 6 or 8 hours. Consider each one carefully as the activities offered will be different. For example, the 6 hours onboard tour includes a visit to the Soi Sim Island, the largest cave Sung Sot, kayaking, and cooking demonstration or foot reflexology treatment. 

Smart packing tips for Halong day tour

Leave luggage at the hotel, but bring necessary items for a one-day trip. Remember you will have to lug it onto a shuttle bus, then the deck, and back to land. Lighter packing is better!

  • Travel documents and cash - Boarding will be denied if you don’t carry your visa and passport. Even ensure to have your cruise ticket along. Carry a little amount of cash, but bring an ATM card and using it for payments wherever possible can be risky. However, if you are using your ATM card, then be careful. Carry your travel documentation and ensure that you do not lose them at any cost.
  • Clothes - Weather is cool, so choose appropriate clothes for the Halong trip. You will need three sets - casual clothes, swimming gear, and evening wear. If your travel is in the summer months from May to October, carry skirts, shorts, and sleeveless shirts. In the other months, Halong Bay can be cold, so bring extra sweaters. Even bring sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen lotion. 
  • Water bottles - The cruise will supply needed water, but it is necessary to be prepared in case. Keeping oneself hydrated on a trip is crucial for enjoying the tour.
  • Footwear - Choose slip-resistant shoes, which can help you cross across water-covered decks. Walking shoes with rubber soles are comfortable to walk across slippery surfaces. 
  • Electronic device - Never carry expensive electronics like a laptop, but ensure to have your full-charged camera with you. There are plenty of spectacular backdrops to capture, which cannot be missed!
  • Medicines - If kids are along, ensure to carry necessary drugs like allergy drugs, cold and fever medication, cough syrup, disinfectants, medical tape, etc. Travelers on prescribed medication must never miss carrying their pills. 

What not to carry onboard the cruise?

  • Sharp objects, inflammable, and firearms
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal drugs
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Towels [are provided on board]

Enjoy your Halong Bay one-day trip and create memories!

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