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Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Becomes Largest Vaccination Centre in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Covid Vaccination

Malaysia’s premier purpose-built venue, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) is in full support mode as the government expedites the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) to achieve the targeted threshold of vaccinating 80% of the country’s population by October.

The Centre is now the largest Vaccination Centre (PPV) in Malaysia with about 33,000sqm of space occupied, utilised since the beginning of June.

The Centre and its team have a long track record of experience in managing and operating simultaneous events that attract thousands of people into the venue daily, and according to Alan Pryor, the Centre’s General Manager, “The Centre’s design and operational infrastructure was specifically designed and purpose-built to accommodate the needs of multiple events occurring concurrently. The venue’s flexible and versatile space also allows for controlled movement, customised layout, dedicated access, and operational management by dedicated and experienced team members.”



He continued, “As a Vaccination Centre, we began on the ground floor with just three HCOs (healthcare organisations), occupying only about 20% of the Centre. As we gradually accommodated the increased capacity, the Centre is now truly being optimised in the right way and for the right reasons.”

The Centre’s strategic location in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) integrated precinct offers great connectivity points for vehicles, public transportation and pedestrians. The multiple access points into the Centre are used to help manage crowd flow and movement in and out of the PPV.



The Centre established the Kuala Lumpur Business Events Alliance (KLCCBEA) with the objective to enhance the visitor experience to the KLCC integrated precinct. Together, the Alliance Partners collaborate to deliver an unforgettable and seamless experience to visitors and event participants. Co-operation from Traders Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, all within walking distance, has provided ample additional parking (managed by KLCC Parking Management (KPM) Sdn Bhd) and increased manpower support to help enhance the management and operation of the vaccination centre.

The Centre also maintains a long-standing relationship with Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) which has helped in the crowd management outside the venue.

“This has given us a sense of purpose amidst the uncertainties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are able to put our collective resources, knowledge and expertise to help the government make the best use of the venue. This is also a reflection as to how the new norm standard operating procedures will be able to facilitate face-to-face events in the near future and a test run for us as we prepare for market re-opening upon lockdown relaxation,” concluded Pryor.

Among many other aspects, a purpose-built venue is constructed to provide the right facilities to those with limited physical abilities, to seamlessly coordinate large crowd flow and to regulate movement from one point to another. All the halls and meeting rooms are each connected to dedicated back-end facilities and other supporting systems that allow the team to render the required service in a safe, controlled and regulated manner.


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