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WeBee Opened its London office


WeBee, a guest-facing and experience solution developed for hotels by Turkish entrepreneurs, is preparing to become one of the world leaders in its field by opening an office in London, England.

WeBee is the market leader in contactless hotel applications in its home country, has received an investment of 6 million TRY in the past months, reaching a valuation of over 38 million TRY. WeBee, which opened an office in the UK with this investment, plans to move to the US market after the company is established in the UK.

WeBee, which serves more than 170 hotels in 23 countries and is currently the market leader in Turkey, will strengthen its presence in Europe with its London office and accelerate its overseas operations. In addition, technological investments will continue through the UK office.

The guest experience technology market has a potential of over $1 billion.

WeBee Founding Partners Tansel Voyvodaoğlu and Dr. Özgür Zan said, “This breakthrough of our brand, which is the leader in Turkey, makes us much stronger. We grew by more than 50 percent from 2019 to 2020. We expect the same rate of growth as we approach the end of 2021.

Thanks to our online contactless and 360-degree guest interaction platform, we have created a digital bridge between hoteliers and guests to maximize guest satisfaction. Thus, by opening up to the world, we have come to serve 23 countries.



With WeBee, we have seen concretely that the presence of technology in tourism should definitely be and how valuable a job we are doing from the results of interaction between hotels and guests. Thanks to instant notifications to hoteliers and guests in our system, we have hotels that generate 50-60 times more revenue than the hotel's sales revenue. With our UK office, we have taken our first step to being among the global leaders.

We aim to quickly become one of the few companies in the world by signing many successful collaborations. Our London office will not only strengthen our operations but also provide us with significant benefits in terms of our sales speed."

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