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Missafir Expands to Montenegro

Missafir Expands to Montenegro

Turkey's leading home accommodation and property management brand, Missafir, has expanded its services to Montenegro.

The brand began offering services simultaneously in six cities in Montenegro, its second stop in Europe. By adding popular holiday destinations such as Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Kolašin, Bar, and Ulcinj to its portfolio, Missafir takes another significant step towards becoming a global home accommodation brand.

Missafir introduced its entry into the Montenegro market with a launch event. The launch, realised with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye to Montenegro, brought together many important figures from across Montenegro.



Missafir CEO Mehmet Yüksel commented on the subject, "We are entering Montenegro, the rapidly growing country in the Adriatic region with a great potential, after having started our operations in neighbouring Croatia. We plan aggressive regional growth by leveraging Montenegro's huge tourism potential. We will also drive the digital transformation of this country's untapped home accommodation sector. Montenegro is an important step towards our European leadership goal. We express our gratitude to our Ambassador Mr. Barış Kalkavan who provided us with great support while taking this step"

Missafir provides end-to-end property management support and offers the technological infrastructure to homeowners in Montenegro, while providing five-star hotel comfort in short- and medium-term home rentals. Having recently acquired the Croatian company Golden Leaf Properties with its high-end portfolio, Missafir serves a wide range of needs with over 2300 homes across 100 popular locations in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Croatia, and Montenegro.



Missafir investor and Chief Strategy Officer Mehmet Onarcan shared insights into their growth strategy in the European market and the decision to enter Montenegro:

"We are assessing the potential and competitive landscape of all major markets in Eastern Europe. We customise our entry and growth strategies according to each market’s dynamics. We attach great importance to partnerships, as enablers for rapid entry and local experience We will continue with acquisitions in regions where we find suitable collaborations and synergies. However, there will also be markets like Montenegro, where we aim for organic growth by establishing our own operations.

Montenegro is an emerging market and offers significant future opportunities for real estate investors. With Missafir's successful management, returns for those investing in real estate in this country will increase, making it an even more attractive business destination. While increasing the foreign share in Missafir’s total turnover, we will also contribute to the rising revenue of this country, where tourism constitutes the most important source of income. As one of the founding members of TurkCham in Montenegro, we will also work to improve Montenegro-Turkey business relations."

Aiming to become Europe's largest short and mid-term property management company in the coming years, Missafir CEO Mehmet Yüksel emphasised their leadership in technology, stating, "We manage all our processes within the company using our technological products, and we are ahead of our global competitors. Our technology is what has brought us this far. We will integrate breakthrough technologies, such as AI and Web3, into our upcoming products, becoming a company that sets the direction for the industry worldwide."

Among the technological solutions offered by Missafir, one of Turkey's most significant ventures in the PropTech vertical, are dynamic pricing, integration with multiple platforms through a single interface, channel management, smart home technologies, and AI data analytics. The brand, carrying the leadership flag in the sector's digital transformation, aims at global success by accelerating its investments in this field.

We have received information that Missafir is in talks with European investors to increase its growth and brand awareness in Europe and to continue its investments in technology while without slowing down its operations. We will continue to follow the steps of Missafir, which has emerged from Turkey and is on its way to becoming a global brand, attracting great interest.


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