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International Chefs Championship: A Culinary Extravaganza in Istanbul


Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations and the bearer of centuries-old culinary heritage, is set to become a melting pot of flavors this November.

The city will host the "International Chefs Championship" from 23-26 November at the Istanbul Exhibition Center, bringing together renowned chefs and leading figures from the gastronomy world.

The championship, which has been organized since 2018, is part of the World Halal Summit and is one of the most significant halal events globally. This year's competition promises fierce competition among world-class chefs. Organized by Discover Events in collaboration with the All Chefs and Pastry Chefs Confederation (Taşpakon), the event aims to showcase Turkey's rich history, culture, and culinary delights to the world.



The championship is expected to be a grand affair with over 1,000 chefs from around the world, including countries like Russia, the Netherlands, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, and Pakistan, competing in 20 different categories. The event promises to be a visual and culinary treat, with last year's event featuring visionary dishes ranging from baked beans to sushi and yogurt powder to cacik.

In addition to the competition, the first two days of the event will feature conferences titled "International Chefs Talks." These sessions will delve into the culinary and cultural offerings of various countries, from Lebanon to Malaysia and Tunisia to Uzbekistan, presented by leading figures in gastronomy.



The championship is not just about competition but also about learning and sharing. Workshops and conferences featuring renowned chefs and experts in the gastronomy field will be held alongside the competition. These sessions aim to delve deeper into various aspects of the culinary world, from sustainable gastronomy to the importance of geographically marked dishes.

The championship will culminate with a special event titled "Special Little Chefs Compete," where young chefs will take center stage, crafting pastries alongside renowned chefs. (AA)


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