Advantages of Roadside Assistance

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You've probably insured your home against unforeseen events like burglary or fire. But have you thought about what you'd do once your car breaks down when you're miles away from home?

If you own an older vehicle, getting a roadside assistance plan would be a great idea. But newer car models are hardly immune to car troubles either. Fortunately, there are auto insurance carriers that provide this type of emergency support in their coverage. Read more about Root insurance reviews, and you'll see that each policy comes with this essential inclusion. 

Roadside Services You Can Avail



The scope of road assistance coverage varies from one company to another. But there are features commonly available for covered vehicles, such as:

  1. Fuel Delivery. If your car is running low on gas while driving, you may coordinate with your insurer so that they will send a technician to your location. They will refill your vehicle enough to get you to a local gas station for a refuel. The cost of the fuel you need isn't covered, but most road assistance coverage will provide a certain amount of gas for free. 
  2. Lockout Service. Whether you lost your key, got it stolen, or you're locked out of your car, road assistance can help you unlock your car door. Depending on your policy's terms, your insurance carrier may partially or fully cover the travel cost and service fee of the locksmith. 
  3. Flat Tire Assistance. When you find yourself immobilized by a punctured tire, a professional will arrive in your location and change the flat tire. Service providers generally don't carry tires to bring to you. But they will replace the tire with whatever spare you have. 
  4. Towing and Vehicle Removal. If your car can't start due to mechanical failure, your insurance carrier will dispatch a tow truck to bring your vehicle to a nearby accredited mechanic or repair shop. Your insurer may also connect with a contractor to help retrieve your car using a crane if it overturned or fell down a slope. Talk to your insurance agent if there are additional limits. You may have to pay extra if you're stranded more than 50 or 100 miles from the nearest service station. 
  5. Dead Battery Jumpstart or Replacement. Dead batteries can occur at any time. With road assistance coverage, a service technician will be sent your way to jumpstart the dead battery. But jumpstarting a car may not always fix this problem. While most insurance providers do not cover the cost of battery replacement, they will help arrange for you to connect with the nearest battery dealer and have the unit replaced. 

Main Reasons Why Road Assistance Is a Great Idea

If you're wondering why you should opt for an insurance policy that covers road assistance, here are the benefits you can enjoy from this service.

  • Once your car becomes undrivable for whatever reason, time is crucial. You have to move and keep the vehicle out of harm's way. This is especially true if you're stranded on an unfamiliar or dangerous road. Having a car insurance policy that covers road assistance can help you connect to local help immediately. 
  • It's sometimes challenging to go over multiple car service shops and compare rates for the service you need. Worse, could even end up shelling out more money than necessary. Road assistance generally costs very little to add to your existing insurance plan. Many programs are less expensive than clubs and associations that provide the same. Besides, some car insurance carriers already include road assistance in their policies. 

A car breakdown can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether you ran out of gas or in trouble due to engine issues, this problem proves cumbersome, especially when you are in the middle of a long ride. It's best to have help readily available when you need it. 


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