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Gülnur Atmaca – Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Resort & Spa

ftnNEWS interviewed with Gülnur Atmaca, Assistant General Manager – Business Development at Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Resort & Spa.

ftnNEWS: What’s your career background?

Gülnur Atmaca: 20 years experience in Sales & Marketing.

What are the trends in marketing for the hospitality industry?

Gülnur Atmaca: E-.Commerce and Social Media

ftnNEWS: What can you tell about marketing and sales for Hilton Bodrum Turkbuku Resort & Spa this year? How is the competition with the new luxury hotel openings in Bodrum?

Gülnur Atmaca: Due to the global economical & political issues the Tourism Sector is suffering since it has effected Turkey from both sites. The Russian market has a loss over 2.000.000 pax due to the economical crisis in Russia, Russians could not by holiday packages since the prices increased compared to last year automatically about 35% due to the rubble / USD exchange rate. Hoteliers offered several promotions and attended Fairs and Workshops but the expectations did not return back positively.

There is an increase in Hotel investment from International Hotel Chains to Bodrum which is a very important issue since it will help the destination become into an international identity. Our international competitors are offering Bed & Breakfast only. We offer Ultra All Inclusive services and have a total of 494 rooms including 9- Villa located on an island. Since Bodrum is the St-Tropez of Turkey new luxury hotels brings you the high level of client profile worldwide.

ftnNEWS: What can you say about the next year from the sales and marketing point of view?

Gülnur Atmaca: Nothing will be as before. Global crises will continue worldwide. We target individual approach on CRM. All marketing activities will be directed to CRM.

ftnNEWS: How many percent of bookings are done from OTAs?

Gülnur Atmaca: Since we are a Resort destination the increase is still not the same compared to city hotels. Up to 15-20% would be the YTD income. Still clients prefer direct charter flight and by from Wholesales due the distance and last minute promotion offered by wholesalers.

ftnNEWS: How do you promote your hotel? How do you promote the hotel digitally?

Gülnur Atmaca: We are a member of Hilton Worldwide and are mandatory to promote our hotel according the Hilton Brand Standards.

ftnNEWS: What percent of your budget and resources are invested in online marketing?

Gülnur Atmaca: 1%

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