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Naz Kulhanci – Potomac Marketing LLC, Travel Options, Incoming USA


ftnNEWS interviewed with Naz Kulhanci, Owner of Potomac Marketing LLC, Travel Options, Incoming USA.

ftnNEWS: Could you please tell us about yourself and your company?

After serving KLM for over 20 years, I have started my own business in terms of marketing consultancy services both in Turkey and USA, we have served quite a number of airlines, hospitality companies, NGO’s, to represent and expand their products and services in respective markets.

After establishing Potomac Marketing Services LLC in USA with the same purpose, we started investing in different initiatives for which we have added Travel Options within our umbrella as outbound Tour Operator and later Incoming USA as inbound DMC. Later one two more companies have also been added to our portfolio but these are operating for different market segments.

Travel Options DBA is an outbound tour operator working B2B and offering packages to
destinations around the world.

Incoming USA is our inbound – receptive operation through which we serve all Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands as well as Central America. We work with many countries around the world and we currently offer services in 8 languages.

Our head quarter is in Washington DC Metro Area, and we have operation offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

ftnNEWS: What type of services do you provide?

For Outbound:
we offer hosted, escorted tours, tailor made itineraries, religious & spiritual tours, culinary tours, health and spa tours, ski packages, student groups, sport events, basically we are the provider for our US partners to full fill the dream of their clients. Our tailor made packages are the most popular as this option offers full flexibility to customize any trip as per client needs, preference and budget.

Four Inbound:
it is again a B2B concept we work with tour operator / travel agent partners from all around the world and we offer : FIT, Groups both leisure and cooperate, MICE, as well as VIP & luxury segments.

ftnNEWS: Can you name your most popular offers?

For outbound our most popular destination is Italy followed by Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean countries. GCC countries are also rising.

For inbound our most popular destinations are: New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, however Hawaii, Cancun and Alaska packages are also popular but more seasonal

ftnNEWS: What Americans know about Turkey?

For the ones who never been to Turkey most information flow is from media channels, they know about Istanbul, Bodrum, Cappadocia and also what is happening in the country when it hits the news.

For the ones already travelled to Turkey – they love it, so far I have not meet anyone who wasn’t impressed by their trip to Turkey.

ftnNEWS: What are your plans for the future?

We are planning to expand our services in few more countries gradually, and invest in automation is within our immediate future plans

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