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Japan’s Keihan Electric Railway introduces premium service

Keihan Electric Railway provides rail services in Osaka, Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures. The company launched a new “Premium Car” service which offers designated seating through advanced booking. Limited express trains run out of seats due to the large number of passengers, but the Premium Car features reserved seating so you can be sure you will have a seat.

Keihan railway premiumcar

­The Premium Car is the car number six (sixth car from the Kyoto side) in the eight-car limited express trains.

Main features:

  • Dedicated onboard attendants
  • Three seats per row with a 2+1 arrangement for plenty of room
  • Luggage storage space for large belongings
  • A large tabletop, convenient for laptops and other uses (unavailable with certain seats)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • An electrical outlet at each seat

To ride on the Premium Car, a Premium Car ticket must be purchased in addition to the regular passenger ticket for the ride interval. ­e cost of a Premium Car ticket is 400 or 500 yen, depending on the ride interval.

See the Keihan Electric Railway website for how to purchase tickets, operating schedules and other information in multiple languages.

­Keihan Electric Railway website is available in the following languages:


Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:


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